What to Do with Bald Patch After Facelift?

I have a bald patch above my ear and slightly in front of each. Its like the sideburn is higher and almost gone. I had a very weak hairline before my facelift. The other side is fine. What can be done to rectify this?

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Micro-grafting can be helpful in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss)

This appears to be alopecia or hair loss secondary to circulatory compromise following a lower face and neck lift procedure. Hair restoration surgery using micro-grafting techniques are possible although the results of grafting an area of scar tissue can be somewhat inconsistent. In this situation using a small rotation flap might be a little more predictable.

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Follicular hair transplant is the best method

Hair loss after face lifting is a rare but known complication. It occurs mostyl because of the injury to the hair follicules during the procedure or is a result of  procedure that unfortunately moved hairline in the wrong drection. Although sometimes it can be corrected surgically by a revision, in most case hair is missing and has to be transplanted. The best method is calle FUE Neograft procedure . Neograft allows for hair to be transplanted with creating yet another scar on you scalp.

Baldness after a facelift

Baldness should be rare in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon who uses good technique.  If you have it though, single hair transplanst can be done.

Hide Facelift Scars with Hair Transplantation

Scarring or a bald spot is an incredible common finding after having a face lift procedure. This can usually be avoided during the facelift procedure by utilizing a trichophytic closure. Nevertheless, if a bald spot or hair loss has occurred, it can be corrected with hair transplantation using single follicular units. From El Paso.

The Lifted Sideburn

So sorry this has happened.  This is a complication of facelifting that some may consider acceptable if the rest of the facelift was done well.  I don't think this has to happen.  At the time of surgery, there are some tricks you can use to get a great facelift result without overlifting the sideburn.  For now, I would wait.  You are early in the healing process and it may get to the point that with some minor alterations to your hairstyle, you can cover it up.  I would probably wait a year or so.  If you are still unhappy with the result, hair transplants are definately an option.  Usually one and rarely two sessions can get you the result you want.  There are other types of facelifts where the incision is made in front of the sideburn in an attempt to prevent lifting of the sideburn.  This can leave you with a scar in front of the sideburn.  Again, hair transplants are good options and cover the unsightly scar very well. 

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Hair Loss in Scars Following a Facelift: How to Possibly Correct Them

First of all, I am so sorry that you experienced an adverse outcome or what you perceive to be one. Second of all, you are very early in the healing process. If a trichophytic type closure was performed, small hairs may over time grow through your scar. Third of all, the only thing that you have control over now is your attitude. I know that may sound unpleasant but I work with a lot of people to help them get over their plight by working on forgiveness for themselves for having picked a surgeon and forgiveness for the surgeon who performed the procedure. Here is a video link to that component (that i believe is vital): http://www.lamfacialplastics.com/gallery2/v/Video/plastic+surgery+philosophy+and+approach/corrective-plastic-surgery-forgiveness.flv.html

Ok, how do we fix it? Well, first we must wait I would say at least 6 months to see how the scar matures and also if hairs begin to grow through any of the patches. Ideally, we wait a full year but many people cannot wait that long. The ideal way to fix this type of scarring is to do hair grafting into it. I am very good at fixing these scars by transplanting hairs into them. When you work with a hair transplant surgeon, make sure you understand how vitally important that all the areas you have shown be transplanted with very very low angled grafts that match the sweep and shape of a temporal pattern. This is beyond critical. I hope you find the right surgeon to work with you in the future after you have passed this critical healing time.



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It can be fixed.

It is unfortunate that you have this problem which we have treated for more than 30 years. Many surgeons still do this this was and elevate the sideburn leaving a bald patch. The area can be corrected by hair grafting or by flap rotation. Make sure you see someone with a great deal of experience so that they don't make matters worse. See specific examples of their work with sideburn reconstruction.

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To be real - not a lot.

Unfortunately this is one of the risks of facelift surgery where the scar close to the hair line can result in hair loss to the area. In most cases this will be permanent and you will never have hair in that area again.

This is why I use my revolutionary technique - Concept Facelift - as it minimises this happening.

The best natural solution is to replace the lost hair with hair transplant which will look very natural and replace the lost hair with individual follicles and its best to get advice from a hair transplant surgeon to rectify this. However this is very costly so may not be an option.

Talk to your surgeon and see if he can do anything to help you and good luck.

Hair transplant surgery and Scalp MicroPigmentation can address facelift scars.

Hair transplant surgery and Scalp MicroPigmentation can address facelift scars.  It can also add side burns.  It is always a good idea to see a doctor to make sure you would be a candidate for such surgery.

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What to Do with Bald Patch After Facelift?

Unfortunately, this is commonly seen after a face lift, but not usually this severe. There are small changes in the incisions that minimize the problem. Now that the problem exits with you, the best treatment is a hair transplantation from an area with suitable hair, usually the back of the scalp. The follicular grafts must be placed very flat on the scalp and some experience is needed for this, but the transplants are generally successful and can be made to look very natural.

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