How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

I'm considering a hair transplant and I have male pattern baldness. Is surgery just a temporary solution? How would I be able to achieve full head of hair if Male Pattern Baldness is progressive? The doctor recommended i get 4000 grafts. If I can get it done in one surgery OK, but I don't want to be going in and out of surgery every few years. Am I just delaying the inevitable?

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Hair Transplant for Permanent Solution

The great part about hair transplantation is that it is a permanent solution for hair loss.  After your hair transplantation procedure, we recommend a combination of laser hair therapy, propecia, and Rogaine to help solidify the transplanted hair follicles and aid in slowing the loss of hair from follicles that were not transplanted.  Talk with your doctor about his recommendations for post transplantation hair care.

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How permanent is a Hair Transplant?

Generally speaking it is well established that a hair transplant is permanent. The hair follicles are taken from areas that are not genetically programmed to fall out such as the back and sides of the scalp. This is called the "Safe Zone".

It is note worthy and in my opinion however, if the hair is taken out side of the safe zones or along the edgesof the safe zone, then some of these hairs may have the genetic DNA to succumb to DHT driven male pattern baldness. In other words, some of these hairs could still fall out.

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Length of time hair transplant lasts

Hair transplant is permanent!  You doctor will be able to tell you his or her success rate per graft.  I quote our patients higher than 95% take rate. 

4000 grafts is a mega session and will likely correct most of the baldness you see now.  If your balding continues and you don't take steps to minimize further baldness, new areas may show up in the future.  Talk with your doctor and make sure what steps are recommended to prevent future baldness. 

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Hair Transplant Longevity

Thank you for your question. Transplanted hair should theoretically last a lifetime.  However, the native hair in the area may continue to thin if preventive measures are not taken. I hope this helps. Best wishes. 

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Is a Hair Transplant Permanent? Yes, but...

That's a great question. The short answer is that the results of a hair transplant are permanent. The transplanted hair that is taken from the donor site at the back of the head (and potentially the sides as well) maintains its ability to grow no matter where you transplant it to (i.e. the bald/thinning ares). More accurately: as long as the hair is still growing at the donor site, the transplanted hair will continue to grow as well, since they share the same characteristics. For most men, that means the transplanted hair is permanent. 

Now here's the catch. There is a "safe zone" of donor hair that we know will continue to grow for a lifetime. If the surgeon harvests the donor hair beyond this safe zone--in a region where the hair eventually thins and stops growing--there is a chance that that the transplanted hair might stop growing eventually as well. Most experienced hair surgeons are aware of this and can plan accordingly given your particular type of hair loss and scalp anatomy.

One last thing, don't forget that hair loss is an ongoing process and that your hair continues to thin as you age. Although the transplanted hair will remain, your original hair around the transplants may continue to thin out. This might warrant future hair transplants to offset this progressive hair loss. Seek out an experienced hair surgeon who can help you understand what your particular hair loss situation may be, and can offer effective solutions to address it.

I hope this helps!

Best of luck,

Dr. Y

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Hair transplants; one versus multiple

Great question.  The hair that is transplanted is permanent and does not need to be redone.  However, male pattern baldness is progressive and the area of thinning may continue behind the area that was grafted.  

One option is to wait until the thinning has slowed or stopped before undergoing transplant.  This is why I usually don't recommend transplant to men in their early 30s, unless they are committed to getting another transplant as time progresses.  The early temporal balding can be filled in and this hair will stay, but balding behind there will continue.  For some men, having another transplant is a fine option, while others prefer to wait.  It is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer.  As most transplants are charged by the graft and the patient is awake (meaning you don't pay for OR time or anesthesia) there is not much difference between two or three small procedures versus one large one.  

At our office we use the neograft system which gently removes individual follicles from the back of the head (the “donor area”) in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs. The follicles are then implanted one by one in the areas of the scalp where balding has occurred.   The recovery is quicker, there is no large scar and the results appear very natural.  While there is some downtime with each procedure, it is quite minimal.

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

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How long does hair transplant last

The most amazing thing about hair transplant surgery is that the results are permanent. The hairs that used are not typically affected by DHT and thus are not prone to miniaturization and loss.  With a proper regimen of laser therapy, folligro (our unique PRP regimen), propecia, and Rogaine the results can often be dramatic and long-lasting. 

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Durability of hair transplant

As long as donor hair is harvested from the "safe area" on the back and sides of your head the hair should be permanent.Most people do end up doing 2 or more procedures,since hair loss is progressive and there is a physical limit to what can be done in a single procedure.And since hair loss is progressive ideally you want to do something that will stop the loss of hair-effective adjuncts are Propecia(generic is Finasteride),Rogaine ( generic is Minoxidil),low-level laser light therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

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How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

Organic Hair Transplantation” is a hair transplantation procedure developed in the Estetik International Laboratories. The “Organic Hair Transplantation” method is a novel development in modern hair transplantation surgery practice which was developed with the efforts of our research and development department. Now; our successful hair transplantation results has evolved to a new era thanks to the “Organic Hair Transplantation” method. We can consider this new method as a revolutionary development.

“Organic Hair Transplantation” is based on injection of a mixture containing adipose derived stem cells obtained from own fat tissue of the patient to the scalp of the patient. The recipient area gets rejuvenated and the viability of transplanted grafts is increased with the effects of adipose derived stem cell injection. The injection of adipose derived stem cells also provides a better work area for the surgeon

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How long do hair transplant last?

It is of great importance remember that there is no standard, nor is there a guaranteed satisfactory result for everyone in all aesthetic surgeries. This is true over the entire lifespan. Hair transplantation is mostly about the art of illusion. The average density of the frontal area in someone with no hair loss is a minimum of 70 follicular units per cm2, however, a high density looking hair transplant is often a result achieved with 50 follicular units per cm2. With 50 cm2, it is certainly possible to achieve the appearance of normal density when a proper surgical plan and graft selection is implemented.

Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance to bare in mind that the idea of a “safe donor” area is deceptive. One can experience a 10-15% loss of the donor hair over a lifetime as well. Likewise, this loss may affect the transplanted hair and should be considered a natural phenomenon. In my professional opinion, a successful hair transplantation lasts for at least 10 years

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