How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

hard to figure out what i should pay for a hair transplant procedure.  even price ranges would be helpful at this stage.  I thank you for this information.

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Charging "By the Graft" is a Technique to Distract You; Here are the Facts:

Every day many people call our office with one single question: how much do you charge per graft? To a serious, dedicated hair restoration surgery practice, this is simply an impossible question to answer. This is due to the complexity of a hair restoration procedure, and the inherent variability of the intrinsic physical and physiological factors of each individual patient. While I am very aware that many practices in this field, both corporate and private, charge "by-the-graft," I feel this makes as much sense as charging "by the valve" when performing valve replacement surgery on a patient's heart, or charging "by the cc" when performing a breast enhancement procedure.

Make no mistake: charging hair restoration patients "by-the-graft" is the invention of the business man, not the physician.

For example, when considering a rhinoplasty (e.g.: nose job), a patient will most often interview one or more surgeons to find the one they feel the most comfortable with, as the public recognizes that nasal surgery is difficult and the results are often permanent. Frequently in choosing a surgeon for rhinoplasty, a patient will strongly consider the surgeon's training, experience, and how often the surgeon performs the procedure.  After selecting the surgeon and meeting with him or her to discuss their wishes, and after the surgeon assesses the complexity of the proposed nasal surgery, a patient will typically receive a statement with "surgery fees" and "anesthesia/facility fees." Note that plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty surgery do NOT charge by the length of nose, they charge by the complexity of surgery. Most patients do not see a billboard saying "Season Special $1,000 per nostril rhinoplasty, minimum 2 nostrils, at Nose Jobs R Us." One simply cannot respond to a billboard ad and feel good about nasal surgery results.

Hair restoration is no different than any other permanent facial plastic surgical procedure, such as rhinoplasty or a facelift. Like a rhinoplasty, the procedure is difficult to perform when done well, and the results are permanent. The results are directly dependent on the skill, training, and experience of the surgeon, and the quality, experience, and talent of the technicians who will work with the hair follicles. I deeply respect hair restoration for what it is: a highly-complex surgical procedure involving not just myself, but my experienced team of full-time surgical technicians that brings unbelievable joy to men and women who suffer from hair loss. It is NOT a "plug-and-play" product that is the same anywhere you go as long as the "graft number" remains constant. This makes as much sense as saying every single automobile in the world is exactly the same provided they all have "4 tires."  In hair restoration, there are hundreds of subtleties and nuances that vary from person to person. It is a procedure that brings my patients a great deal of happiness; it restores their confidence, sense of youth and well-being. It is a procedure that simply cannot be boiled down to a "per-the-graft" pricing.

The bottom line is that getting the patient involved in the details of the surgery, and negotiating the number of hairs to be surgically relocated, is really just to distract you from the more important things that some medical practices would rather you not think about, such as the experience, background, and training of the actual surgeon (or non-surgeon, as is very often the case) who will be doing your hair restoration surgery.  

Dr. Pramit Malhotra of Ann Arbor, Michigan warns "Rhinoplasty is a procedure not to pick on price."  I strongly feel the same way about hair restoration; a permanent procedure that can be done in hundreds of different ways, by physicians and surgeons of widely varying backgrounds, from internal medicine to dermatology to anesthesiology.  Remember that all types of physicians, even those without any ABMS-recognized board certificate or formal surgery training at all, may call themselves hair restoration "surgeons" in the USA.

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Hair transplant costs depend on multiple factors

Costs for hair transplantation range from $3500-$20,000 per session, depending on the experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the problem (primary vs. secondary or tertiary transplant) and the number of grafts involved.  Some patients like to hear per graft costs, because then they can compare different quotes they've received and pick the "best deal".  Charging by the graft can be confusing too because the number of grafts does not correlate to the number of hairs - i.e., one graft in the crown can have 4 hairs in it as opposed to a graft with a single hair in it for the frontal hairline.  Also, the more grafts placed doesn't necessarily mean that they'll all survive.

You should focus on realistic results. The key is to understand how many hairs and sessions it would take to create a fuller, natural hairline.  Our average sessions involve ~1500-2300 grafts in men and ~1500 grafts in women.

Ramtin Kassir, MD
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If you want to pay less, you should go abroad to Turkey for hair transplant. Why? Starting at 899$

Due to the exchange rate American, Arabian and European moneys are more valued than Turkish Lira. There for all over the world millions of tourist comes Turkey for hair transplant every year. Thats why Turkish surgeons are more experienced and affordable in Hair Transplant surgeries.

For example in our hospital, you will pay only 899$ for one session micro FUE hair transplant or 1399$ for one session DHI (Choi Implanter) hair transplant all inclusive. You will buy your ticket and hospital will organize the rest. 

* 1 session hair transplant with PRP (inclusive to price)

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* VIP Shuttle between Airport, Hotel and Hospital (inclusive to price)

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Deniz Kok, MD
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Cost of Hair Transplant

The cost will vary depending on several factors: technique (FUE vs. FUT), location, and experience of your hair transplant surgeon, and how big your session is just to mention a few. In general FUE is more expensive that the strip method or FUT technique. For an FUE procedure in Miami we are talking approximately $8-10 per follicular unit. The average session is approx. 1,800 grafts. Hope this numbers give you a better idea. Good luck!

Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, MD
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Neograft - Hair Transplant Cost

The cost is $5 per graft/or per hair follicle starting at 750 grafts. The national average is anywhere between $5 and $7 per graft. We do require a minimum of 500 grafts be transplanted at any one time. 2000 grafts are equal to about the size of a music CD.       

David L. Robbins, MD, FACS
West Des Moines Plastic Surgeon
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Hair Transplant Cost

While most centers charge the patient by the graft, I think this is a big mistake.  When charging this way, the doctor may be have financial incentive to make bad decisions that are not in the best interest of the patient.  The so-called mega sessions (>3000 grafts) have several pitfalls.

  1. The donor incision needs to be overly long (extend too far in the temple area) so it is visible, or overly wide.  A wide excision produces excess strain on the incision itself and eventual widening of the scar.  Again, it will be visible.
  2. You have a time (~4-6 hours) that the grafts are optimally viable.  If you drag the session out all day, the grafts have been out of the body for too long and survival goes down. 
  3. You can only pack the hairs in so tight.  When transplanting single follicular units, if you try to get the hairs in too tight or dense, they just start popping out and graft survival goes down.  It's better to come back and thicken the area up with a second session.

Remember, what good is a 4000 graft session if survival is 50% and the scar is visible.  For these reasons, I charge by the session.  I guarantee we will get more than 1500 grafts in a session or I will refund some of your money.  In a typical session we transplant somewhere between 1750 and 2250 grafts.  My fee is $4900 per session.  Personel and overhead in Utah is fortuately far lower than other parts of the country.  Though cost is a major concern for patients, don't skimp a few hundred dollars for someone who makes you uncomfortable.

John Bitner, MD
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Price for hair restoration

This is a big deal to me. I think that per graft cost can be something quite misleading for a ton of reasons:

1. How much does a single one-hair graft cost in the hairline compared to a 4-hair graft? How do you charge a difollicular unit graft that holds 7 hairs? Should I cut these into 7 grafts that grow poorly just so that i can give you more grafts? What if I harvest 100 hairs fewer than expected? A refund? What if I get 100 more hairs? Do I charge you? What if I get bad growth of say 85%, should I charge you less? Sometimes, hairs are in telogen and there can be 120% growth. Do I then charge you down the road for that? You get my point. 2. What I truly believe you are paying for is a result with a range of hairs (not grafts). I tend to group them into a range of hairs because a 4 hair graft should be counted as 4 hairs not 1 graft. You can't compare one graft to another. 3. What is even more important than # of grafts is how the grafts are angled, shingled, layered, and distributed. If you line up hair after hair in rows that are straight up, you will have a result that will look just slightly fake, decrease visual density and result in less than spectacular results. Artistry of knowing where can be maximally placed and distributed for maximal effect is huge. For example, let's say you have 1000 grafts to be distributed. Do they go evenly throughout or do you focus on areas like the central forelock, part, hairline, etc. based on patterns of hair loss and provide greater relative density there? Effective distribution of hair grafts is critical. 4. Unlike rhinoplasty, the success of a result is based on the entire team. if the team is outsourced or occasional, you may not get consistent results. We prefer to have a full time staff that never leaves our clinic and never invite others to come to help us. If the bulb is squeezed, left to dry out, etc. the result can be kinky or sparse growth. If the graft is placed just slightly too high you can get poor growth or cobblestoning. Just at the level of the skin will cause the graft to fall in and pit. The team is critical. here is a video of explaining recipient site creation and the importance of the big picture.

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
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The short answer is $5-10/graft depending on many factors.

The cost of grafts depends on many factors. How good is the surgeon, number of grafts being done (cheaper when more grafts are done), etc. Don't focus on cost. We have been doing transplants and flaps for more than 30 years. The most common mistakes we see are:

1. Patient was not a good candidate for any surgical hair replacement to begin with.

2. "Corn-row" appearance.

3. Patient never realized how little hair is grown from 1000 grafts.

4. Patient never investigated the advantages of hair-flaps vs. grafts before starting. I think you can get the idea---DO MORE HOMEWORK--before you start.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of a Hair Transplant in Houston

In Houston, hair restoration costs 3-5$/graft for FUE.  

In an FUE clinic this translates to 2,500 to 7,000 on the high end. 

In this answer I will cover the variables of:

  1. Overhead issues to watch for
  2. Quality issues to watch for
  3. Evaluation quality to watch for


Hair Transplant cost varies by region and how busy the center is i.e how much overhead they have and what they need to do to cover that overhead.  

Here are examples of overhead and you can decide if its worth the extra cost and/or improves your chances of a good transplant:


  • -Marble/glass reception desk
  • -Staff that use to be ex models
  • -A Location that demands premium lease rates
  • -An advertising campaign budget that gives Mcdonalds a run for its money


Remember, cost is not the only factor.  Skill is key, as is a place that does restoration on a regular basis vs just a half dozen cases a month or less.  


What other factors are important:

  • Board Certification - yes some MD's do restoration without any certification at all.
  • Specialty - Any specialty can do a hair transplant but its most incorporated into the training of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgery doctors.  Having such a background would help.
  • Training period-  Hair Restoration has changed a lot in the past few years so its good to have someone trained in the most recent methods and who stays up to date. 
  • Full time vs outsourced staff.  You would be surprised by how many places outsource staff which drives up costs AND reduced quality control.  For us, quality control and long checklists are key to making sure everything goes smooth and does not delay the out of scalp time of the grafts. 
  • Tools used.  In an FUE clinic, the procedure can be manual, can involve the use of Neograft/Alphagraft, or the ARTAS robot. A tool is only as good as the user so the cost shoudlnt vary much based on the tool and most tools available now mainly increase speed by 10-30% so you get home a few hours faster(at a premium cost).  Some systems claim improved accuracy and this is probably true in the hands of someone that doesnt do a lot of FUE.    
  • Research - can you google your doctors name and the word research and find paper written by them and the procedure you are going for?  does it matter? this is up to you to decide.  


The Evaluation is key:

  • Some places only have you meet a consultant that is trained in sales.  This is the best way to get a transplant you do not need.  For example, we often turn away poor candidates on whom other places had offered to do a restoration procedure.
  • The area you want covered is key, many patients get to few grafts for the area needed and/or expect it all done in one visit which is rare in large cases
  • Do your homework, rather then go in to a place to learn about transplants its best to learn as much as possible on your own about hair restoration and the place you are going.  This way you can go in with the purpose of meeting the team and making a more focused decision without distractions .


Some places will say you get what you pay for and this can be true.  However affordable doesnt always mean sacrifice of quality i.e Costco comes to mind.  Some places cut costs by cutting corners, other cut cost by not driving up overhead as noted above.  Finally some places are just well managed controlling issues with wasted/expired supplies and such that can become expensive quickly.  You want to make sure your money goes into a quality transplant and not a quality office space that plays little/no role in the transplant.   As noted by the Utah doctor's answer, costs can be kept down especially if your not on the coasts.

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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Hair Transplant cost

The cost of hair transplant varies from $4-7 per follicular unit or graft placed. Today's hair transplants are remarkable and provide a very natural result when performed by an experienced surgeon. One should be careful though when searching for your surgeon as some hair transplant surgeons have no true surgical experience and have just added this to their family practice or dermatology practice without true surgical experience or training in sterile technique. Just make sure to check the credentials of your surgeon.

William J. Hedden, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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