Chances of Bad Results from Not Wearing Chin Strap After Chin Liposuction?

I have developed neck spasm. Recently, I had a jowl and Chin Liposuction. I wore the chin strap for 2 to 3 days and removed it due to neck pain. Got neck spasm due to bad posture. Will I have bad results because of not wearing chin strap?

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Chin Strap Helpful after Chin Liposuction

Most important is to listen and follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions 

However when just liposuction is performed in the upper neck, a compression garment is recommended for the following reasons:
  1. It restricts the amount of edema that forms and hastens its resolution by mechanical pressure.
  2. It decreases the amount of bruising.
  3. It assists the loose skin in retracting or shrinking.
You may ultimately get the same results, but it will take far longer in my experience.

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Compression Garments Minimize Swelling & Remodel Soft Tissue Following Chin Liposuction

The vast majority of plastic surgeons recommend compression garments in the post-operative period.  Compression garments minimize swelling and help remodel soft tissue following liposuction.  This helps decrease pain and discomfort, and in theory improves the aesthetic results following this procedure.

                  The importance of compression garments depends on a variety of factors.  These might include the amount of fat removed and the patient’s baseline skin laxity to name a few.  In some cases, not wearing a compression garment may have no significance. In other cases, it might be the difference between an excellent result and an average result.

                  For this reason, it’s important to discuss your discontinuance of your chin strap with your plastic surgeon.  In some cases premature cessation of compression might adversely impact the results of liposuction.  Under these circumstances, it might be possible to adjust the chin strap or utilize muscle relaxants.  In the vast majority of patients, it probably wouldn’t affect the result, but instead lead to prolonged swelling.

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Don't Worry - Chin Straps After The First 24 Hours Are Optional

Back in the day, I had all my neck liposuction patients wear chin straps for 2 weeks.  Several of  my patients came in and told me that they really hated the chin strap and they quit wearing it after the first day.  I noted that those who wore the chin strap and those who didn't had exactly the same results.  Obviously, compression has its merits, but these straps are claustrophobic and uncomfortable, and just don't look good in church. 

Each plastic surgeon has his or her own technique.  Talk to your plastic surgeon as to what they believe in and what they recommend.  In  my practice, we use DMSO on the neck or any liposuctioned area for about 1 week.  It's the world's best anti-inflammatory and it brings blood supply to the area, therefore decreasing swelling and bruising.  I also do ultrasound treatments (the kind the physical therapist uses for sore muscles), 8 sessions, about 5 minutes per session, and the patients look and feel great before the first month is up. 

Neck liposuction - chin strap

Wearing the chin strap for the recommended duration helps maximize your chances of having the best possible result.  If you think of liposuction as making tiny holes in the tissues under the skin, compression, helps keep everything flat and prevents the holes from filling from fluid.  I'd recommend seeing your surgeon to see if they can adjust your strap to make it more comfortable and to make sure your pain isn't from something else.  I'm sure he/she'd be happy to work with you to help you feel comfortable while protecting your surgery site from poor healing.


Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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Wearing Chin Strap is important for best result after Chin and Jowl Liposuction

You should see your doctor and see if a better fitting chin strap will lessen your discomfort and neck spasms. Muscle relaxants may also help.

The chin strap or chin compressive garment is important for best results after Liposuction of the Chin, Neck and Jowl area. The chin strap nor compressive chin garment helps reduce and prevent swelling, helps the skin tighten and helps remodel the skin of the neck and jawline following surgery.

Two weeks is optimal with an additional 4-6 weeks of wearing the chin strap at night. When patients object I negotiate at least a week wearing the chin strap, removing at day 5 for shower and washing of the chin strap.

Rolling the dice if not wearing compression garment

Wearing the compressive garment is very important.  It helps minimize swelling and fluid collections.  Most importantly it keeps the skin against the newly contoured area to retain the desired result.  If you are having pain with the strap discuss it with your surgeon and maybe a different strap or different size can be used.  Additionally, the use of alternate pain meds and/or muscle relaxants can be prescribed.  Check with your surgeon.

Wearing a chin strap after neck surgery

I would discuss this with your surgeon who is best equipped to discuss the options or alternatives for you. Certain procedures performed on the neck warrant the use of a chin strap. Probably the most important time to wear this is for the first 24-hrs.

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Chin strap helpful, but not mandatory

Chin straps and other useful adjuncts after your neck liposuction will help in the immediate postoperative period by reducing swelling and expansion of those tissues. The straps need not be too tight to be effective, but should apply adequate tension to assist in your recovery. If anything, they shift your recovery curve to the left, and therefore helps you to achieving your final results in a faster time period. If you develop spasms (which are not uncommon after neck surgery or liposuction) - minimize your time by wearing the strap when you are recumbent or laying down, and try to do so for the first five days after surgery.

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Wearing chin strap after Neck Liposuction

Don't Worry too much about this! Wearing the compression dressing to the neck after liposuction is certainly an important part of the recovery period, but not critical. Wear it as much as you can for the 1st week, then in the house and at night for the second week. You will not have bad results from not wearing the chin strap. Bad results come from poorly performed procedures or bad decision making in choosing a particular Surgery.

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