How long do I have to wait to bind after a breast reduction?

I'm biologically female, however i'm genderfluid and experience masculinity more than femininity. I often bind my chest when i feel more masculine. I was just wondering how long after a breast reduction would I have to wait to bind again? (I'm DDD cup and looking to go down to roughly a B or C cup)

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Binding after reduction

I would say you should probably wait until you are completely healed and the tissues are soft. Best to check with your surgeon.

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Binding after a breast reduction

Hello and thanks for the question.I would recommend conferring with your surgeon. In general, you will want to wait until you are totally healed from the surgery before resuming binding ( roughly 4-6 months ). Again, ask your doctor to be certain and he/she may have their own specific preferences.Warmest Regards,Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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