How long do I have to wait to bind after a breast reduction?

I'm biologically female, however i'm genderfluid and experience masculinity more than femininity. I often bind my chest when i feel more masculine. I was just wondering how long after a breast reduction would I have to wait to bind again? (I'm DDD cup and looking to go down to roughly a B or C cup)

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Binding after reduction

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I would say you should probably wait until you are completely healed and the tissues are soft. Best to check with your surgeon.

Binding after a breast reduction

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Hello and thanks for the question.I would recommend conferring with your surgeon. In general, you will want to wait until you are totally healed from the surgery before resuming binding ( roughly 4-6 months ). Again, ask your doctor to be certain and he/she may have their own specific preferences.Warmest Regards,Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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