Does It Matter How Large the Gap is for Invisalign to Fix It?

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Invisalign closes gaps very well

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It likely DOES matter, but I haven't seen a gap that couldn't be closed with Invisalign.  It may take longer than desired, but gaps can be closed well.

Yes it does matter how big the gap is and where...

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But let me tell you I just finished a case on a man that two other dentists told him invisalign couldnt close his large gap between his two front teeth. Well 8 months later he just let my office with his retainers and there is NO gap there at all..He couldnt have been more happy and gave me a big hug..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign To Close Large Gaps

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You would be surprised to see how well Invisalign works to close large gaps.  We have done many cases to close gaps of all sizes.  Do your research when looking for the right Invisalign provider.  Make a consultation appointment so you can discuss your personal goals for your smile.  Your dentist will be able to guide you to the results you desire.  Good Luck!

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