Restylane/ juverderm fillers used for ball of foot? (photos)

In April 2014 a surgeon did an exploratory operation under my 2nd metartarsal and removed the bursa and 1xsq cm of fat pad (a sliver of glass was found). I am now left with a hollow due to the removal of bursa/fat pad. The underlying bone now virtually has no cushioning and walking even short distances is painful.. Do you know of any similar case where fillers have been successful been used.See photo comparison left and right foot. Many thanks.

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Treatment for sole of foot

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Actually I have treated patients with Radiesse in this area and it works pretty well to alieve the pressure on the area

Fillers to relieve pain

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There have been cases where fillers have helped to correct such problems.  Stay away from Sculptra on the bottom of the foot since I have heard this can cause problems.  Best, Dr. Green

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