Is there a loss of nipple sensation after a breast lift?

I'm considering a breast lift and from reading all the comments on this website I'm quite clear there will be some scaring. However none of the comments I've read ask about sensation of the nipple after surgery. All of the procedures involve cutting away the nipple, either on its own or with a vertical incision (lollipop). What I'd like to know is will there be, or is there a risk of, loss of nipple sensation from a sexual perspective? Thanks

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Breast Lift and nipple sensation

Hi there and thanks for posting.The loss of sensation as a whole and loss of sexual sensation can be different.There is certainly a small risk of both with a breast lift regardless of the technique used. I can't quantify that for you because there are many variables, and if you unfortunately do lose feeling that the statistics are irrelevant.What I would say is that the risk is low and you need to balance that up against the potential benefits of the surgery. Breast lift surgery is very successful and has a high patient satisfaction rating.Best wishesRichard

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Hi Mcauley. The literature rates of loss if nipple sensation average around 10% and this includes erotic sensation. This depends entirely on the type of mastopexy which vary from surgeon to surgeon and the technique also varies. With the mastopexy that I perform rates are about 1-2%. Breast lift has a very high satisfaction rate. Hope this helps. RegardsDamien

Nipple sensation changes after breast lift

There is a chance you could lose some nipple sensation.  In general, it depends on how far the nipple has to move.  Discuss the pros and cons with your surgeon.

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Nipple sensation changes after breast lift

Thank you for your question. Although the risk is low, there is always a possibility of altering nipple sensation when performing a breast lift. The nerves to the nipples travel through the breast tissue itself. Therefore, any breast lift which involves cutting into the breast tissue can in theory affect nipple sensation. The risk of long-term nipple sensation changes with mastopexy ranges from approximately 4 to 10% depending on which study read. The short answer is that any breast surgery can in theory effect sensation of risk is relatively low. That being said, this possibility needs to be considered when thinking about breast lift surgery. Best regards.

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Is there a loss of nipple sensation after a BL?

Loss of sensation in the nipple/areola is fortunately an uncommon occurrence.
In my experience, permanent loss of of sensation may be due to stretching of the sensory nerves by using very large implants causing a stretch injury or pressure on the nerves, extent of dissection which can damage the nerves, and the size of implant. I find that the location of the incision is not usually the reason for loss of sensation.
Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is important when considering surgery, as it will lower your chances of complications.

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Nipple sensation after breast surgery

Hi there. With almost all breast surgery there is a chance of losing sensation on the nipple, areola or breast itself. All methods carry this risk, so your question cannot be answered definitively I'm afraid.With a pure breast lift the risk is low but significant (in the order of 10-20%), but normal sensation can never be guaranteed. It's a risk you must take if you undergo surgery, and you must weigh that up against the benefits of the surgery.  Ask your surgeon what he or she thinks are the odds in their hands.I hope this helps.

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Nipple sensation

With any breast surgery, there can be a risk of loosing sensation. However, with a breast lift, the nipple is still attached to the breast, and the risk is low.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Nipple sensation

There is a chance that nipple sensation can be lost or altered, but it is a small risk.  Discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  The risk may change based on the degree and type of lift that is recommended.

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