INFINI RF vs Secret RF?

Hello, I have rolling, atrophic and tethered scars and have visited 2 places - one with the INFINI and the other with the Secret. My question is what is the difference? If I have light skin and thus a lower risk of PIH does that make the INFINI and the Secret virtually the same? Thank you

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Infini vs Secret

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Despite having fair skin, there are still risks of pigmentation, scarring, and prolonged healing with a noninsulated needle RF system such as Secret. Often, to prevent these issue, energy levels are turned down making the results less than optimal compared with placing all the energy below the epidermis as with the Infini. Infini is the gold standard currently with its experience and science backing it. Look at all the before and afters from all the thought leaders in the field.

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I have used both systems, and trialled the Secret RF for 3 months, it is not bad, but for acne scarring INFINI RF is on another level, its because the energy is concentrated to the tip of the needle. It is insulation that is the absolute key to the success of INFINI. Insulation protects the upper layers of skin, and delivers the energy where its needed. I find this device even better than my co2 lasers, however INFINI RF is a thinking device, namely the operator needs to know the depth, duration and energy levels to give the best results. Adding PRP enables faster healing times and better results. Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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