How do I avoid keloids after liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is there any product out there that is recommended by surgeon's ?

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Keloids after BBL

There are a variety of products on the market that claim to help keloids however very few are effective. The best way to combat keloids is surgical technique and I find that silicone sheets can help in some patients. Alternatively, strategic postoperative injection of kenalog can help prevent keloid formation. 

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How to avoid keloids after Lipo and BBL ?

If your skin scarring tissue is keloid type, you will always have keloid scars at any time with any incision. Avoiding the friction burn of the canulae in the incision through wich  the lipo is perform is  a way for your PS to avoid more damage to the skin and   more noticeable keloid. But there is no way to prevent your skin from developing its typical scarring tissue.

After the surgery you may use a silicon sheet, steroid ointments and massage over the keloid scar, to improve it.

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Keloid prevention

If you already have had keloids in the past , there is a good chance you get keloid scar with any surgery. If you;ve never had any kind of wound on your body , and you don't know how you heal , you can use some preventive methods. 

Steroid creams and Silicone creams and sheets are the most common used for prevention. If scars start raising , steroid injections can be applied by your doctor also.

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Liposuction and BBL and the risk of keloids

One's susceptibility to keloids and other types of aggressive scarring is largely determined by the genes.  Ethnic patients--i.e., darker complexion is believed to be at increased risk.  Fortunately, liposuction incisions are fairly small that they generally shrink and fade into imperceptible scars.  The same is true for the injection sites (buttocks).

Make sure that you consult with a board-certifified plastic surgeon who performs liposuction and BBL on a regular basis bec. he can identify potential risks and control if not minimize them. 

Possible modalities to promote favorable scarring or at least aid in quicker recovery include scar massage, scar creams, cortisone injection, silicone sheets, lasers, etc. 

Make sure that you share your specific concerns and all your medical history, including any history of aggressive scars, to your surgeon.

For photo reference, you may visit the attached link. 

Good luck and best wishes. 

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Avoid Keloid Scarring After Liposuction

Keloid scarring is a dynamic and multi-factorial issue that cannot always be predicted or prevented.  Many of my patients have a history of keloid scarring and very few have had issues after liposuction and BBL procedures with scarring.  Firstly, scar location and placement is key to concealment.  We very strategically place our micro-incisions for body sculpting.  Secondly, minimizing trauma to the area is key.  We address this by several steps we take intra-operatively to protect the skin and surrounding areas.  Thirdly, I take accountability of the micro-incisions I place on patients and offer several post-operative treatments including a medical-grade and FDA approved scar cream to reduce the appearances of the scars. Finally, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in keloid management is essential to appreciate and potentially avoid scarring complications. 

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How do I avoid keloids after liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift? marty629 Atlanta, GA 1 day ago

Thank you for your question. scars will remodel for up to two years.  See your surgeon when you first notice the scar thickening. Steroid injections can be used to treat scars that are starting to form keloids.  Silicone creams and tape can help prevent and minimize scaring.  

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