Fibroadenomas - do they need to be biopsied or better to be removed if the woman is above 40?

I have been planning to get a breast fat transfer and my surgeon requeated a breast ultrasound although I had a mammogram few weeks ago &was clear.the ultrasound showed a few cysts in the left breast and a 2 cm fibroadenoma in the right one.she insisted it looked benign but still suggested a biopsy making me worry and am trying to keep positive .How can this be missed by a mammogram ? I booked with a breast surgeon do u think it is better to just remove it altogether to stay on the safe side .

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Although fibroadenomas are benign, you will probably have multiple mammagrams and ultrasounds over your lifetime to watch it. I would suggest having it removed, especially if you are considering a fat transfer. Plus removal can check the whole tumor, whereas a biopsy will only check the tissue removed.

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