Did I get enough Botox? (photos)

I had Botox for the first time 6 days ago. He administered 12 units around my 11 lines and 8 units above in my forehead area. It definitely looks better but I still see lines I can still frown slightly. I am afraid he didn't give enough Botox for my frown lines.

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Did i get enough Botox?

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Thanks for your question. Was your Botox injected by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? It is important that you have your Botox injected in an office where a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon over sees the treatments to make sure that you achieve maximum benefits.

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Thank you for your question and pictures.  Six days May be a little too early for the final results.  That said, you may indeed need a few more units to fully correct your concerns.  Also keep in mind that not all lines can be fully resolved in all patients.  I would wait a few more days then if not resolved ask your PS to give you a few more units and then see what happens.

Ramiro Morales, Jr., MD
Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon
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Enough Botox?

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Thanks for your question. Since it was your first treatment I agree with the conservative approach. As you get Botox more the lines will soften. You still have a natural look and a non-frozen look. I would get used to it and the next time you get treated ask for a bit more.hope this helps.
Dr. Rabach

Morgan Rabach, MD
New York Dermatologist

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Botox is a learning experience.` It is best to start with smaller doses and see what happens

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Starting with small dose may work very well and save you money.  I think this approach to Botox is very considerate to the patients and allows defining the best result with the least product.   My Best,  Dr Commons

Botox results

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Thank you for your question mommieof4mlh. Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression such as those between the brows and on the upper forehead. The pivotal studies demonstrated that using a dose of 20 units in the glabella to treat the vertical 11's seen when one frowns allows patients to enjoy their results for 3-4 months. The peak effect was seen at 14 days after the treatment. For my patients I use at least 20 units in the glabella and have them return two weeks after their treatment to take after photographs to assess the results. We take standardized photographs at rest and with facial expression. One must understand that Botox relaxes muscles so after a treatment, the muscles will not contract completely and the lines formed from muscle contraction will be less deep with expression. If lines are apparent at rest, however, they may or may not be improved with Botox, depending on the depth. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Botox Injections

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Thanks for your question! Given the timing of your injections, it’s probably too soon to tell if the Botox has completely taken effect. I tell my patients that Botox becomes fully effective anywhere from 10-14 days after their appointment. I recommend waiting for a couple of weeks, and if you are still unsatisfied with your results, schedule a follow up appointment with your injecting physician. Good luck!

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox dose

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Thank you for your question.
Botox injection stars to show after 3 days and gives Mac effect after 2 weeks.
The dose you was given is moderate but the effect depends on your orginal wrinkles.
I advise you to wait till 2 weeks the you can consult your Dr for a touch up if needed

Hussein Hashim, MD, FACS
Lebanon Plastic Surgeon

Did I get enough wrinkle blocker "Botox?"

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At only 6 days from your treatment you have not reached maximal effect.  It can take 2 weeks and rarely 3 weeks to get to the maximal result.  It also best to start at a lower dose initially to see how you do than to over treat and require 3-4 months for it to wear off.  I think at 2 weeks you will be much more pleased, but 12 units for the frown lines is on the low end.  If they still wrinkle more than you want then you can get more.  Best regards.

John R. Burroughs, MD
Colorado Springs Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Botox and Results

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You look so much better in your photos after Botox but it takes 2 weeks t see the full results of the treatment.  If you need more after 14 days return to your treating physician.  Best, Dr. Green

Botox and Results

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Botox takes 10-14 days to see optimal results. If you are unhappy after this time, I suggest consulting with your dermatologist for further evaluation, and continued treatment. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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