Secret RF - is device head replaced (or cleaned) after each procedure?

I am soon to do my second Secret RF procedure but I'm scared of a possible infection. After my first session, the doctor re-packaged the needles head and saved it. She said that it's individual and to be used only on me next time. I don't know whether the head was cleaned afterwards. Is it right to reuse it? Should the doctor sterilize the needles head BEFORE the SECOND procedure? I am worried that there might also be traces of blood or skin on those needles. Thank you.

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Reusing RF needles

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You are right to be concerned. This is not appropriate medical practice. These heads are one time use, you should be getting a sterile tip each time. Your provider is attempting to save money by reusing the tip. If you go to the Secret RF website, it states EXACTLY:"It is important to note that the consumable tips are single-use and ideally disposed of immediately post treatment."isa Vuich, MD

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Replaced.... every time.

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My policy is one device head per session per patient. Sometimes I go through 2 heads in one session. Secret RF is a microneedling device that I am familiar with. Yes, its better than non- energy based micro needling however if one is treating acne scars, the needles blunt very quickly, so sometime I often do a head change. Regardless, I never give consumables back to the patient (especially if there is an infection risk), regardless, this is much akin to re-using sharp needles- they go blunt! New head every time. Insist on it. As a guide the head cost price is about 18-25 Euro. Not much in the scheme of things. Dr Davin Lim 

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I suggest going to a reputable facility that uses a new tip for each patient.  Now some devices such as the venus viva and skinfinity and intensif have tips that can be cleaned and saved for the individual patient.  I do not know what treatment you are having done.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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