Can I get a belly button piercing if I'm doing laser hair removal in the same area?

I have a line of hair in the middle of my stomach and I'm having it removed or (reduced) by laser, is it ok to if I get a belly button piercing in this area? Thank you

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Keep the Piercing!

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During laser hair removal on your stomach, you will be asked to remove your belly button ring. Because most new piercings need to stay in place for a while, it is advised that you do not undergo laser hair removal treatments shortly after receiving the new piercing. If you can remove the piercing without worry, then you should be completely fine!


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Thank you for your question. Hair Removal can still be done in that area. However the piercing will need to be removed. Body piercing usually need to remain in place for several months. So for that fact alone, it may interfere with your treatments.

Good luck! 

Remove the ring

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Laser hair removal is safe near piercings as long as the object is removed from the area to avoid scatter of Laser light or unusual absorption of light producing a burn.

Belly Button Piercing and Laser Hair Removal

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Thank you for your question.  Laser hair removal can generally be done in an area with piercing however, it should be removed before doing a treatment on the area.  Since the ring is shiny, it can reflect the laser beam which can be dangerous.  Also, It may pick up some heat from the laser.  I hope this helps.  Dr. DiPasquale

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