Alternating Glycolic Acid & TCA Peels

Hi, I want to alternate between glycolic acid peels 50% and TCA peels 12%. I usually have to do at least 3layers of GA peel to feel the sting, and even that I never had any peeling/flaking afterward.I also did tca peels 12% with 3 layers and this gave me better result with light peeling.Is it safe to do aha peel once/week, & do tca peel at the 4th week mark? I'm Asian with brown spots from past acne, with fine wrinkles.I just want to make sure I do not overkill my skin by this method.Thank you!

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It is safe to alternate peels

Treatment regimens are set based on your expectations and the conditions to be improved. While it may be safe and OK to do weekly glycolic peels, it may not be safe or indicated in your case. Results are predicated on a whole bunch of factors, including preparation of the skin at home and in-office, as well as technique of the person performing them for you. You really need to sit down with your dermatologist and make a plan of attack. Peels are a wonderful way to enhance and accentuate beautiful skin.

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Aggressive chemical peeling program should be done under medical supervision

There are many factors that affect how your skin will react to different types of chemical peels. Alternating a 50% glycolic peel with a monthly 12% TCA peel may be alright for some patients. However, with your Asian ethnicity and the known potential for reactive hyperpigmentation, you are at higher risk for this problematic skin problem. This more aggressive 'home' chemical peel program should be discussed with a physician experienced in chemical peeling who can evaluate your skin and help you select a safe and effective exfoliation approach.

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Alternating Glycolic Acid & TCA Peels

Without an in person examination your question is impossible to address. Best you see in person 3 doctors who do peeling. From MIAMI DR. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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