Ratio of Reduction Per Nostril for Alarplasty?

In an alarplasty, if the width of the wedge removed is 2 mm per nostril, does that mean that the width of the nose will be reduced by 4mm in total? Is the relationship 1:1 or is there a variation due to geometry? Roughly how many mm's are typically remove per nostril for 66% of your patients?

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Alar Reduction

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Alar wedge resection (the old term was Wier Wedges) involves a resculpting of the widened ala with excision of excess tissue and sometimes the nostril floor or sill. This is individualized and you should discuss with your surgeon how much he will remove,, which portions of the ala and how he will inset the ala. Try not to concentrate on "numbers" since it doesn't matter what is removed "in general". Every alar resculpting is done on an individual basis and can vary widely.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Typically 3-4 mm is removed during an alarplasty

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In a typical alarplasty procedure, 3 to 4 mm is removed. Occasionally, only 2 mm can be removed. Even though 4 mm is removed, there is a bit of a stretch-back phenomenon in the skin, so in reality, 3 mm removed on each side, which would create a 6-mm width reduction in the nose.

Nasal alar reduction

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The amount and location of alar base skin excision is always individualized. After doing rhinoplasty surgery for over thirty years, it is safe to say tthat I've never done two noses exactly the same. Aesthetic judgement is critical in achieving the best results. It is impossible to be specific in answering your question without physicial examination. My best advice is have a thorough discussion with your surgeon.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose width will dictate, but in general 2-3 mms

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In general, 2-3 mms are removed from each side. This can vary in certain ethnic noses that are very wide. Your surgeon should be able to tell you what is needed.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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