Can Alar Base Reduction Be Done Alone?

Can alar base reduction Rhinoplasty be done with no tip or bridge work, just the nostril? if so, what would be the average price for just alar base reduction?

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Alar base reductions can be done alone

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Yes, alar base reductions can be performed if that is the only presenting problem regarding the rhinoplasty. Cost on alar base reductions are approximately $1,000 and can be done under a local anesthetic.

Yes it is possible.

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 Depending on how severe the problem is and whether or not you require general or local anesthesia, the cost will vary from $2500-4000. It can easily be done under local and you save mmoney.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nostril Narrowing (Alar Base Reduction) Can Be Performed With or Without a Rhinoplasty

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Nostril reduction surgery (called Alarplasty / Alar Base Reduction) is a procedure that can narrow the width of the nostril base, decrease the amount of nostril flaring, or decrease the size of the nostrils.

To accomplish this, the surgeon makes an incision in the crease where the nostril wall meets the cheek. A wedge shaped piece of nostril wall is removed, and when the incision is sewn close, the nostril narrowing is acheived.

It is possible to perform this procedure alone or as part of a rhinoplasty. It can be performed alone, but keep in mind that in order for the nose to appear natural, it must adhere to certain proportions and also be in balance with the other facial features.

Alar base reduction alone.

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Dear Martha,

You ask an interesting question since it's technically possible, but I haven't seen anyone in 10 years of practice that has wide nostrils and nothing else to improve.

Wide nostrils usually go along with a wide tip that would benefit from repair at the time of surgery.

Alar base resection alone could be performed with local anesthetic in the office, but you may not get the nose of your dreams.

Feel free to post / email me a picture, and I'll be happy to let you know my thoughts.

Best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Alar base reduction alone

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Alar base reduction whether it is internal or external can definitely be done alone. The costs will vary widely based upon where you live and who is doing the procedure. We would do that isolated procedure in the office with local anesthesia with or without a little oral sedation. This keeps the costs down which should be somewhere around $2000-$3000.

Alar base reduction can be a stand alone procedure

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Alar base reduction can be done. This can be discussed with your doctor. It can be done as a stand alone procedure and the pros and cons can be discussed. In actuality, alar base reduction done as a separate procedure can be beneficial especially in the setting of doing an open rhinoplasty which can put the vascularity of the nasal tip at risk.

The alar base reduction can affect blood flow to the tip if done in conjunction, and hence, waiting to do this several weeks after the open rhinoplasty is sometimes prudent. But not all rhinoplasties are done in an open fashion.

The price of the alar base reduction can range between $1000-$3000, but it all depends on what is being done and also figuring anesthesia costs. But your surgeon can work this out with you.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Alar base reduction

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There are actually many different types of alar base reduction, involving the ala, the nostril sill, or both. There is no single procedure with a defined cost.

As with any nasal surgery, the entire nose should be considered. The breathing, the appearance, the balance, and the balance with the face are all important.

Your costs will also depend on whether you go to sleep for the surgery or do it awake, or under purely local anesthesia.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Alar base reduction can be done alone, however...

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Alar base reduction can be done alone, however you may find that the nasal tip area and even the whole nose may look out of balance accentuating other areas of the nose. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon (or several) to get opinions on your particular concerns. It's best to do the right procedure as opposed to choosing one.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

Can my nostrils be narrowed without rhinoplasty?

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Nostrils can be narrowed in conjunction with a full rhinoplasty surgery or with a standalone in-office procedure known as an alar base reduction.

The alar base reduction on its own offers a significant cost savings, as it generally takes just an hour to perform in-office and can be done using only a local freezing agent. The drawback, of course, is that only the nostrils can be addressed. During the procedure a small incision is placed at the base of each nostril and a wedge of tissue is excised. The natural continuity of the nasal passageway is still preserved, and the nose appears smaller and more narrow.

The ideal candidate for an alar base reduction is a patient whose sole concern is the width of the nostril opening and who is seeing exaggerated nasal flaring. It’s a great idea to attend a consultation with a specialist who will be able to determine if this procedure is right for you, as well as show you computer imaging that lets you see what these changes might look like.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Find a plastic surgeon, discuss the option that fits you...

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The management of nasal deformities varies from patient to patient and depends on a multitude of variables.Each patient has specific aesthetic goals and unique anatomic findings. It’s important that rhinoplasty surgery create harmony, balance and proportion.
For these reasons, it’s important that rhinoplasty surgery be tailored to meet the patients’ specific needs. In some cases this may involve an isolated alar base reduction. It’s unusual to perform this maneuver as a solitary procedure. In the majority of cases the procedure is performed as part of a formal rhinoplasty. When performed alone, it can be easily done under local anesthesia.
If you’re considering alar base reduction consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to make an appropriate recommendation.

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