How Many Days After an Alarplasty Are the Stitches Removed?

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Nasal suture removal

Every surgeon has their own post-operative routine depending on the type of suture used during the surgery. Absorbable sutures dissolve. Permanent-type sutures in the skin surface are removed 5-8 days after  the operation. This type of suture placed in the deeper tissue are left forever.

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Suture Removal After Rhinoplasty

Sutures that hold incisions together are generally left in place 5 to 7 days. This can vary depending on the surgeon, the location of the stitches, and the type of suture material. Permanent sutures should be removed about 7 days after surgery. Dissolvable sutures can remain in place until the dissolve (usually about 7-14 days)

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Stitches after rhinoplasty and nostril narrowing


Every surgeon, patient, and procedure are different. However, usually sutures are removed anywhere from 3 to 7 days after rhinoplasty. These external stitches include alar / alarplasty, nostril, and columellar sutures.

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