Average Length of Time Botox Lasts?

I've had Botox and Dysport once each since last January in the glabellar lines and forehead lines. It seems that after 8 weeks much of the movement is returning. I am 48, eat healthy, cardio/toning exercise daily, have great skin (just deep ugly frown lines :( i know results can vary for each individual, but it seems like mine wear off a lot sooner than time to return for treatment. I know the ratio is mixed good, the first initial weeks - it's great. Is this the norm?

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Average Length of Time Botox Lasts?

 On average, Botox, Dysport or Xeomin should have some effects lasting about 90 days.  There are some patients that require a highrer dose (more units) to get that duration and or more frequent treatments.  The more often the patient attempts to contract the muscles, of the forehead, to see if the effects remain...the quicker the effects wear off as the body seeks renewed neuromuscular pathways.

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Average length of botox

I expect botulinum toxin to last at least 4 mos in my practice.  From there it seems to slowly lose it's effect, which means some patients come in very early and therefore assume it's a 4 month drug, and some wait until the total effect is gone and they get closer to 5 months.  I have used dysport and xeomin as well, and don't feel like they hold up as long (dysport might be comparable only in the crows feet).  

I would also add that 8 weeks is very short.  There are two reasons that might be responsible for such a short duration.  One is that you need more drug to drive a more conventional 3-month-plus duration, and the national guidelines for each region of treatment  describe an effective range that physicians typically work within.  For example, your glabella typically requires 20-30 units, with more drug expected to improve duration.  The second reason is your activity level. Patients with aggressive workout regimens, or very active lifestyles, or frenetic personalities all seem to break down the drug more quickly. I have tried to get my trainers and marathoners to durations beyond three months by increasing the dose, and it doesn't always work.  My suggestion is to educate yourself on your specific dose, and consider a higher dose.  If that still doesn't work, an anecdotal trial of a different neurotoxin is worth it before abandoning neurotoxins altogether. 

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How Long Does Botox Last

In my hands, Botox lasts anywhere from 4 to 5 months. Results often depend on the injection technique and amount injected. Movement should not be returning after 8 weeks. 

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Longevity of Botox in the Facial Area

I have been doing Botox for 15 years and have an in depth experience with its durability.  I also do all of my Botox myself and feel very strongly that only MDs should do Botox.  In addition it is far far better to work with one MD injector over a long period of time so that the MD gets to really know your face.   This saves you money and time of repeated visits for treatments that fall short of perfect.   In general Botox will last full strength for 3  to 3 and1/2 months.  After that period there is a gradual waning of the effect toward 4 to 6 months.  Some people will get 4 months only.  To keep Botox working at the maximum correct level you need to plan to add something every 4 months usually.  An experienced MD injector will know how to get more from less and when the frown muscle will use less.   Although there are people that get 6 + months from Botox these are rare.    I do not know why these people get the 6 + months  longevity but am doing several clinical studies to determine why.   So work with one MD injector, you both learn excellence and expect 4 months longevity.  My Best,  Dr C

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Botox duration

Botox and other neuromodulators used to inject wrinkles such as Dysport and Xeomin vary quite a bit in duration based on several factors. Patients seem to metabolize or break down the active ingredient at different rates that may also depend on how actively they make facial expressions and facial muscle mass. Patients getting regular injections often seem to need less botox less frequently after several years. In the majority of patients the treated areas are affected for at least 3 months. Most patients like to get reinjected after 4 and 5 months to maintain the effect. At 6 months, there is usually little to no effect of the injection visible.

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Duration of Botox treatment

8 weeks is not the average duration, but it's not an uncommon length of time.  The strength of the muscles treated, patient's physiology, and the dosage of Botox used can all factor into the time a treatment lasts.  

If you'd like to see if you can extend the time between treatments you can try increasing the dosage slightly, or trying Dysport.  

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How long does Botox Last?

Botox usually lasts 3-4 months, but this varies for each person and also depends on the area injected and number of units used. If you are noticing the effects of botox wearing off sooner than normal, then your injector may have not used enough units to get the result you want. Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments to determine exactly how many units are appropriate for you as not each person is the same. Hope this helps!

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Botox and Dysport's Average Length

Botox and Dysport typically last 3 months on average. However, every patient is different and for some it may last up to 6 months or only last 2 months. Keep in mind, your muscle activity will not return to normal overnight, it will happen gradually as your dose wears off. Which again, is different for everyone.

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How long does Botox last

Botox generally lasts 3-4 months for the frown lines, forehead, and crow's feet. That being said, if a provider does not inject enough product, results will not be as long. Some patients can experience longer results, but this is not common. In short, expect 3-4 months.

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Average length of duration of Botox is 3-4 months

Typically, the average response to Botox lasts about 3-4 months.  It's variable, depending on the area.  It lasts longest in the glabella - frown lines.  Forehead and lips the shortest.  Crows in the middle.  The higher dosages used, the longer the duration.  The effect doesn't just stop, but diminishes gradually.  Some studies suggest less duration with a lot of sun exposure or exercise, but this is controversial.  

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