At What Age Does the Nose Stop Changing?

I am 16 years old(boy) and I would like to, if possible, predict an overall image of the shape of my nose in the future.

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At what age does the nose stop changing?

This can vary depending on the individual. In general, the nose stops growing around the age of 16 for boys. But as individuals age, it is possible for the nose to change shape over time. It can lose support and droop as the years go by, but this really depends on the person. It is difficult to predict exactly how the nose will change. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Your nose is most likely at or close to to its final shape

In most people, the nose reaches its full development in the late teenage years.  However, for some individuals, the nose can change appearance through adulthood.  For example, in individuals with a heavy nasal tip, there may be a tendency for the tip of the nose to droop slowly over many years and decades.  Another example is in individuals with thin skin.  Over time, the skin can thin further creating sharper angles and deeper shadows on the nose.  A rhinoplasty specialist could probably guide you with regard to your specific nose with a careful examination.

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