Sex After Tummy Tuck for Males?

Hi there, I'm a young male who had an abdominoplasty and mastopexy w/lipo 13 days ago. It's been quite difficult to find info on recovery for men. My biggest question has been about sex afterwards. How long should a male wait to do it? The same amount of time recommended for females? And - excuse the somewhat embarrassing question - what about orgasms in general? Is it not recommended to even masturbate for the same amount of time? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Sex after Male Tummy Tuck

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The safest answer would be 6 weeks as that is when you have the majority of wound healing by then. Prior to that time you can cause a tear where ever stitches were placed - inside or out. It would probably be OK to masturbate at 3 weeks, but again there may be some risk.

Intercourse after TummyTuck

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Thank you for your question. It is important to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals. Depending on the extent of your abdominoplasty and your general physical condition. Any sexual activity should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks.Dhaval M. Patel Double board certified Plastic surgeon Hoffman EstatesBarringtonOakbrook Chicago

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Male tummy tuck and sex

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You should be safe for sex at this point in your recovery but there are still some precautions. Since it takes about 6 weeks for your abdominal plication to get strong (provided you had this done), you may want to limit the type of sex you have. No real straining or physical sex until then. Sex with yourself should be fine. If it hurts, you may want to back off and give the wound more time to heal.

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