How Soon After Tummy Tuck Can I Sleep Normally?

I just want to lay down normal. I think that's why i'm getting slight headache. I know I get headaches when i'm sleepy and trying to stay awake.

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How Soon After Tummy Tuck Can I Sleep Normally?

Always best to follow your chosen surgeon's advise. In my patients I allow "normal" sleeping after 3 weeks. 

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Laying down after a tummy tuck

For the first few weeks or so following a tummy tuck, it is often recommended that you sleep in a slightly flexed position in order to decrease tension on your incision. This will increase the odds of healing without problems and with a better scar. You may be able to sleep on your side in a similar flexed position not too long after surgery.

You should contact your plastic surgeon to obtain his/her instructions on this as he/she operated on you and may have their own protocol.

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