Post Tummy Tuck: Common to Have Breast Tenderness?

I recently had a tummy tuck/lipo two weeks ago, is it normal to have breast tenderness and soreness.

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Breast tenderness after tummy tuck and lipo is not unusual.

Aside from the hormonal changes that sometimes accompany surgery, anesthesia, and post-op medications--any or all of these can cause breast tenderness (especially if you have especially sensitive breasts anyway), a tummy tuck pulls on the upper abdominal skin near your ribcage and breast base, and liposuction can cause even more bruising and swelling in adjacent tissues. This is further aggravated if you are pre-menstrual.

In the absence of other symptoms or concerns, this is neither unusual nor worrisome. Please talk to your surgeon about this so he or she can examine the area and reassure you that all is well! Good luck on your result!

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Breast tenderness after Abdominoplasty

Honestly I have not heard this problem before and so it must be a bit unusual.  However, I am always hearing new things that people experience after surgery.  As with most aches and pains after surgery, they almost always subside with time even if we cannot exactly explain what is the cause at that time.

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Breast pain after tummy tuck.

This is not a typical complaint following a tummy tuck with liposuction. If your surgeon removed fat over the rib cage, it is possible to have referred pain to this area. If it is related to the tummy tuck and liposuction, the discomfort should resolve over the ensuing few weeks.

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