After Necklift Temple Artery Burst. Now Have Feeling That Blood is Dripping Under Skin

12 days after a necklift, I bent over and the pressure was to much and blood flowed perfusely - paramedics thought I had been shot in the head. I lost 2 pints of blood. Now I have a sensation of blood running down the side of my ear. Is this a normal healing process?

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Bleeding after neck lift

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Any concern about bleeding after surgery needs to be immediately evaluated by your surgeon. Although the sensation you describe is unusual for an actual bleeding event in the neck, the diagnosis should be made only by an in person consultation.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Funny feeling after necklift

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You need to address your concern with your surgeon. Normally internal bleeding does not give sensations as you describe. If it feels that blood is running near your ear it sounds that the nerves are "playing tricks" on you which can happen after any surgery (dysesthesia), unless you see of course blood on the skin and then you need to call your doctor immediately.. Often that resolves by itself but it can take months.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Bleeding after neck lift

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I am sorry you had this complication. It is uncommon  but frightening.

I assume that on the 12th day, you had emergency surgery to stop the bleeding - and that the problem was in the face where the temporal artery is found. 

Now the sensation of bleeding along the side of the ear -

if you have swelling in the area or if you feel fluid collecting under the skin or you can't be sure -- call your surgeon. You may have a hematoma (blood collection) or seroma (fluid collection).

If there is no swelling, you feel it on the outside of the skin but when you look, you see no bleeding, these are probably 'dysesthesias' - funny feeling caused by irritated nerves.  These do not need treatment but you should tell your surgeon.

Best wishes! May you now heal normally!


Hematoma after neck and face lift

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A hematoma can happen from a neck or facelift. If your superifical temporal artery bleed than you had more than a neck lift.  This sensation should get better.

Temporal artery rupture.

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This is probably a paresthesia-sensory feelings  due to irritation of the nerve. It will probably go away, but you should be followed by your doctor.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Funny sensations after vessel rupture following neck lift

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Occasionally when the artery is injured, accompanying nerves can be injured as well giving you "ghost" pain or referred pain or dysesthesias. It is difficult to diagnose this over the internet and you should be seen for evaluation. Oftentimes these aberrant sensations do resolve.

Postop Bleeding: See Your Surgeon

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The temporal artery can be injured during Facelift surgery.  However, a bleed at 12 days postoperatively is very unusual.  That having been said, this is an issue that only your Surgeon can address at this time.

Call your surgeon immediately if you think you are bleeding

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Your healing process does not sound normal at all. Given your recent complication of bleeding, you need to get off the internet and contact your surgeon immediately.

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