After Two Months I Feel a Pulling Sensation Under my Left Breast - Is This Normal?

I have mentor moderate plust smoothe 375cc's implants. After two months yesterday I began to feel a pulling sensation or like pressure below my left breast. It feels like when I lift my arm there is something trying to make me not lift my arms. It feels exactly like it is being pulled back. Tightness of some sort. I never felt this before and was just wondering if this was normal. I haven't done any exercise at this point besides going for walks. Just a bit worried here....

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Pulling sensation under breast after breast implnats

There can be a pulling sensation under the breast as you describe, and if you lift your arm overhead you may note a small band, up and down across the fold under the breast. We don't see this often, and in the 'old days' we called this Mondor's sign. Of the few I have seen, it is possible to massage firmly lengthwise along the band and often a pop is felt as the tissue lets loose and relaxes. Have your surgeon take a look.

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After Two Months I Feel a Pulling Sensation Under my Left Breast - Is This Normal?

What you are describing is "Mondor's Syndrome". Mondor's disease (also known as "Mondor's syndrome of superficial thrombophlebitis"[1]) is a rare condition which involves thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of the breast and anterior chest wall. It sometimes occurs in the arm or penis.[2]:827

Patients with this disease often have abrupt onset of superficial pain, with possible swelling and redness of a limited area of their anterior chest wall or breast. There is usually a lump present, which may be somewhat linear and tender. Because of the possibility of the lump being from another cause, patients are often referred for mammogram and/or breast ultrasound.[3]
Mondor's disease is self limiting and generally benign. A cause is often not identified, but when found include trauma, surgery, or inflammation such as infection. There have been occasional cases of associated malignancy.[4] Management is with warm compresses and pain relievers, most commonly NSAIDS such as ibuprofen.
It is named after Henri Mondor (1885-1962), a surgeon in Paris, France who first described the disease in 1939.

Since the insertion of the first breast implants in the 1950's this syndrome has been reported more frequently. Return to your PS to examine and diagnose this complication. 

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation- tightness of breast tissue

It is not unusual to feel the tightness of the chest muscle at about two month. Exercises and stretching will help. sometimes and in some patients there id development of scar tissue around the breast, otherwise known as capsular contracture.. If breasts start to get harder then you might be starting to develop capsular contracture.

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Tightness after implants

At two months, you may be feeling scar tissue that has developed. You may want to review this with your surgeon regarding massage if that is the case.

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After Two Months I Feel a Pulling Sensation Under my Left Breast - Is This Normal?

Dear CAJenna,

Tightness after getting breast implants is common. If the tightness is new, it may be a sign of scar tissue developing, also called capsular contracture. I would see your surgeon for an evaluation.

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