After Internal Bra Procedure, is It Possible to Remove the Permanent Sutures with Explant?

I had a revision breast aug w/ internal bra a year ago & have decided to explant. Is it possible to remove the internal bra sutures (attached to the rib cage) at the time of explant? Even after a year, I can still feel the sutures tugging (I play volleyball, which means I feel them every time I spike - this isn't pleasant). The original PS said that if I explanted, he wanted to leave the sutures because it's more painful to remove them ("dig them out") than to just leave them. Is this true?

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Suture removal during explantation

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If permanent sutures were utilized with your internal bra procedure, it may be possible to remove those sutures.   However, if there has been signficant scar tissue growth over the sutures, it may not be possible to remove all of them.   This is something your implant removal surgeon will determine during your surgery.  Hope this helps.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Permanent sutures in capsule repair

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If permanent sutures were used, they may cause tugging and pulling with movement.  it certainly is possible to remove them in most cases as long as they were not buried.

Remove Permanent Sutures during Breast Implant Explantation?

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Yes, it is possible (and probably advisable) to remove permanent sutures used for capsulorrhaphy surgery when you have your breast implants removed.  I would probably recommend that you have the sutures removed if they are symptomatic (for example painful when you play volleyball).

Make sure you communicate the  presence of symptoms to your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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