Are bags, increased wrinkles and dark lines under eye normal after filler injections? (photo)

Now, 30 days post-injections and things do not seem normal (photos attached 30 days post-injections). This was my first time getting fillers and do not know if this is normal and will go away, or do I need to be concerned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looks 10x wrose now than pre-injection. I have more visible wrinkles, bags, and dark lines that I did not have before...or they were just not as pronounced. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Filler for under eyes

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I assume you had tear trough filler treatment.  Usually when filler is placed in the tear trough it is placed deeper to the bone with the purpose of lifting and diminishing the under eye groove or nasojugal groove.  So I would not expect the overlying fine, crepey wrinkles to improve much from this treatment.  In fact, the temporary under eye swelling one can get after the treatment (for a month sometimes) might enhance those wrinkles at first. 

I recommend to my patients to best address the fine crepey wrinkles under the eye they should consider laser resurfacing, and filler just for the groove.  Filler can be placed more superficial in the under eye skin but at the risk of giving excessive temporary swelling or "tindall effect" - bluish discoloration from the filler being placed too superficial.

In addition, if you're unhappy with the appearance of the filler as is, your provider can inject hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve some of it.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon

Are bags, increased wrinkles and dark lines under eye normal after filler injections?

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to assess the treatment without a before and after photo. Filler does not treat the small crepey skin under the eye, only adds volume. The left eye appears to be swollen, if your eyes remain swollen at 30 days contact your injector for a follow up. 

You may be a candidate for a hyaluronidase injection to dissolve the product. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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