After Fat Grafting, How Soon is It Safe to Have Vascular Laser Done for Facial Spider Veins?

I'm currently five weeks post op for a face lift with fat transfer to my cheeks. I now have quite noticeable spider veins on my cheeks which I would like to treat with vascular laser. How soon can laser be performed without damaging the fat transfer and is vascular laser the best treatment for spider veins?

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Fat injections and pulsed dye laser for spider veins on the face

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Vascular laser does not penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue and can thus be performed one week after your injections. Surgery90210

Fat grafting of the face and timing of treatments for facial spider veins - Buffalo Niagara NY

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I recommend that you wait at least a week for all of the inflammation to subside and any bruising to heal before you get laser treatments for facial telangiectasias. The longer you wait, the better (2-3 weeks is ideal). 

Vein Treatment

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A vascular laser is fine for face vessels.  I like the 532nm, VBeam, and IPl for these problems.  The 1064 yag also can be good.  Have the surgeon who did the fat transfer judge on when it is best to resume therapy for the vessels.

Laser treatment of the face after fat grafting

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While it is probably safe to do laser vein treatmets almost immediately after fat grafting surgery, I woul suggest to wait for 4-6 weeks to allow swelling to resolve. 

Facial spider veins

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3 months allows enough time for blood supply to return to the face after a fat grafting. although it is probably safe to do it after the swelling goes down. waiting 3 months should not be a big issue when you are doing something elective.


facial spider veins can be treated with laser or veinwave.  both are effective and neither are perfect.  both can require multiple sessions and both can cause staining or flare ups of rosacea

Vascular Laser Post Fat Grafting

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Even though you are most likely ok, as vascular lasers target superficial veins and capillaries, I usually recommend that patients wait at least 2 months after any significant treatments (face lift, partial face lift, fat transfer etc.).


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I would tend to think that you are ok now. The fat graft is deep and depends on deep vasculature for support.The laser used for spider veins is limitedto superficial structures 

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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