One Eyelid Still Droopy After Surgery

I'm one month post op. at two weeks post op one eye felt and looks sleepy/tired. my surgeon said its because that eye muscle is weaker. do i have to live with this or is there a way to fix it? could that eye muscle regain strength with time?

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Eyelid asymmetry after surgery

Asymmetry can be caused by many factors. 1 month after surgery is still a little soon to judge, especially if there is still any swelling.  In some cases this is due to muscle weakness or abnormality and a revision may be need to raise it further. In other cases, asymmetric swelling or scarring can make the eyelids uneven.  See your doctor about discussing revision surgery after you've completely healed.

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Muscle weakness after eyelid surgery

Since it has only been a month postoperative after eyelid surgery, it is impossible to tell if this muscle weakness will be permanent or temporary. As long as the muscle has not been damaged during the surgery, it should revert back to its normal preoperative state. We do see this occasionally when the eye muscle is weak. If it is still present three to four months after the surgery, consideration for a ptosis repair can be performed if needed. An oculoplastic surgeon usually performs this.

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Droopy eyelid after surgery

A droopy eyelid can be caused by one of many different factors.  The most commonly underrecognized reason for "ptosis" is no ptosis at all, but a difference in the set of the globe within the eye bone.  This type of orbital dystopia is studied and repaired by plastic surgeons (craniofacial surgeons), who are uniquely able to perform the monobloc advancements, etc. that are required to correct this condition.

Eyelid ptosis per se should be carefully evaluated as to what is causing it, since different solutions are required depending on what is causing the problem.

If a ptosis repair was performed, six months are usually required to assess the final function of the muscle before any revisions are undertaken.

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In fairness, it often takes a full 6 months or more for these types of problems to resolve.

If the ptosis has not resolved in this time frame, then a repair will be necessary.  Your surgeon will be motivate to fix the situation.  However, if your surgeon is not a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon, I would recommend caution here.  Many who offer cosmetic eyelid surgery lack the know-how to repair eyelid ptosis.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery maintains a website that has a geographic directory that will help you identify a well qualified surgeon in your area:

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Unilateral drooping eyelid

Two weeks is still too early to judge your results. It also depends on what was specifically done. You also have to analyze whether it is a droopy eyelid on one side or an overly tight eyelid on the other side.

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