How Long After Accutane is It Safe to Get a Tattoo or Have Teeth Whitening?

I'm 29, 53kg, & took Accutane, 6 months, low dose 20mg every 2nd day, course ended April 2010. Can I get Zoom whitening, May 2010? Or must I wait because of Accutane? If so, how long should I wait? Also I want to get a tattoo how long should I wait after accutane treatment?

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Teeth whitening okay after Accutane, but wait for tats

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Accutane has been known to cause delayed wound healing and increased scarring, so it's best to avoid procedures that might ultimately lead to scarring... like tattoos.  I recommend waiting 6 months after stopping Accutane before getting a tattoo.  Tattoos normally don't scar, but in the event of an infection, they can, and Accutane could make the scarring worse.

Teeth whitening is okay, though.  I am not aware of any contraindications for this procedure, as scarring should not be an issue.

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