Any Advise on Correcting my Stomach After Lipo?

I had smart lipo on my stomach in May 2010. There were a few high spots so he did a touch up in Aug 2010. The high spots were still there so he went in one more time Dec 2010 just with the cool lipo laser, no lipo. He felt he could just melt the fat in the high spots and it would absord back in the body. Now in Feb. the high spots are still there, not as bad but my stomach looks like cottage cheese now. Everything is soft, no hard feelings or anything, just lumpy cottage cheese looking, advise??

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Lumpiness after liposuction

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I hesitate to comment with having had the advantage of examining you but I feel the need to make a couple of points. FIrst, your pre-op abdomen looks quite normal. The amount of localized fat is quite minimal. What that tells me is that the margin of error is quite small. Any imperfection will be apparent post-op and this is ths case. Second, it does not matter what type of liposuction machine a surgeon uses. It is not magic. The technique has to be applied appropriately, judiciously, and in the appropriate setting. Finally, the problem is not in removing the fat in most situations. It is in removing it uniformly in a predictable way, and no machine has solved that problem. It is still operator-dependent.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Any Advise on Correcting my Stomach After Lipo?

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Very unusual history of Smart Lipo. I feel the doctor was not a "true" expert on the uses of Smart Lipo and you ended up with a very poorly preformed result, not once but 3 times. My advise is allow healing for at least 6 months. Than find a true lipo expert and fat grafting expert. Repairs will be very expensive ($10,000 range) and you will need over three operations for you to achieve a more smooth result. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski


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The first thing you do not need is more lipo. Your abdomen looked nice before all these procedures no matter what the fancy name smart, laser, cool etc. Wait three months. You need to find a very experience board certified plastic surgeon who has done a lot of fat injections. Micro fat injections can help.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Uneven Surface of Tummy after Liposuction. What to do?

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    I am sorry you had these problems.  Your abdomen looked good prior to any surgery.  I suggest you approach the surgeon and ask for a correction plan.  Then seek 2 consultation from other surgeon who do a lot of liposuction.  Go to the Univesity.  Talk to a surgeon that is certified by the ABPS and FACS.   You can gain much improvement here.  Possibly a Vaser procedure would help.  I like the Vaser.   Vaser Corp...Sound Surgical... will give you names of people in your area.  Fat grafting may help.   Small cannula detailed liposuction should be of benefit.   Liposculpture is simply detailed and carefully done liposuction-lipomanipulation and that may help.   Another alternative is a tummy tuck.  Get additional consults.  Do your homework.  There is no rush.   Good Luck.

Contour deformities after liposuction

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After evaluating your pictures, it appears as though the valleys are caused by overresection of fat.  Given the fact that there was not much fat to start with, it may be unwise to perform further lipo.  Fat injections into these over treated areas would likely give you the best result.  Wait at least 6-9 months before any corrective surgery is performed.

Michael Orseck, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 141 reviews

Correcting irregularities after liposuction

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I would recommend that you avoid any further procedures for now and give your abdomen a rest.  Wait at least 6 months to allow your tummy to heal.  It will be impossible to completely correct the irregular contour of your abdomen, but it can be improved with fat grafting to the areas that are depressed.  It looks like you have had too much fat taken out and it was not done smoothly.  You should definitely not have any more liposuction done.  Make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in fat grafting and correcting contour deformities from liposuction.  Best of luck to you!

Caroline Min, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Contour deformity after Smartlipo

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First, of all, please stop having procedures on your belly.  You need to let the tissues settle and the scar tissue (under the skin) mature for at least 6 to 12 months.  This is a difficult situation with over-resection of fat from the superficial layer.  You may benefit in the future from fat injections or other procedures, but it will be a multi-staged process and it is difficult to predict the results at this point.  Hang in there and good luck.

Unsatifactory results after 3 lipo procedures of the abdomen

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Was the physician that performed your lipo a plastic surgeon?

Your abdomen was smooth before the procedures but now is quite irregular. There has been over-resection of fat which is a difficult problem to correct. My recommendation would be to wait at least 6 months after your last procedure and then obtain 1 or more second opinions from reputable board certified plastic surgeons.

You may never have a relatively smooth contour but fat injections can be considered to help fill in the over suctioned areas.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 33 reviews

Contour Defect after Smart-Lipo

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I would recommend that you give your body 6 months to recover from the past 3 procedures.   I do not believe further liposuction will improve your contour.   Daily deep tissue massage can help decrease the swelling and hardened areas.   Once your abdomen is soft and 6 months has passed, you will most likely benefit from fat grafting to the depressed areas in a staged fashion.  I would plan on 2-3 sessions to fully correct your deformed areas. 

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery. 

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 95 reviews

Cottage cheese abdomen after smart lipo

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I would wait at least a total of 6 months before formulating a treatment plan, like the others said you started with not much localized fat and now you have too little fat in some areas.

without proper physical examination it is tough to say but you might be a candidate eventually for fat grafting and maybe even a mini tuck to tighten the area below the belly button, either way I would wait at least 3 more months.

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