Will my hair grow back after dying it?

I have died my hair two time at two days in a row because I disliked the color so I have filled out like crazy when I touch my head I feel like I have no hair it's been 1 month and a half from that day and still my hair didn't grow and I have bald patches everywhere with wide edges hair line how long will it take for my hair to fully grow again I'm feeling so down I wish I never bought those 2 hair dyes is my hair folicate still healthy I mean I don't see growth after 1 month

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Dying the hair and burning the scalp

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Dying the hair and burning the scalp can be related and cause the types of symptoms you are reporting. These are chemical burns. See a good dermatologist for assistance. 

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Hair loss

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you should be seen by a hair restoration surgeon as soon as possible. you may have chemical burns from the dye, the hair may or may not grow back. There are some options that are available to you which will be discussed in a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon. He/she can examine your scalp and provide short term and long term options. 

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