Can You Add Saline to Existisg Implants by Injecting a Needle into Valve Through Skin?

I had saline breast implants placed under the muscle on September 8, 2011. However one of my breast is significantly smaller than the other. This is a Mentor style 1600 model number 350-1655 which was filled to 305cc only. My surgeon is recommending adding more saline by locating the valve and injection through skin and muscle into the implant. Can this be done?

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Adding saline to saline implants is possible, but not through the skin....

Hi there-

Depending on the details of your operation (please review with your surgeon), it may be possible to add saline to your implants- but this can NOT be done through the skin.

Please visit with your surgeon to review the recommendations and alternatives.

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Can You Add Saline to Existing Implants by Injecting a Needle into Valve Through Skin?

I think there has been some miscommunication as well. Your surgeon may have mentioned that there are implants that can have fluid added through the skin, but those are really only used in Breast Cancer reconstruction...however...yours are not that type! You will need a small surgical procedure (if there is such a thing!) to have this done...

John J. Corey, MD
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Adding saline to your implants

Your type of saline implants cannot have additional volume added through your skin.  This type of implant (as most implants used) will require a surgical procedure to identify the valve, open the valve, and fill the implant using a special tube designed for that implant.

Please talk to your surgeon and ask him the steps of the procedure.

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The needle will cause leakage and implant failure

There is a misunderstanding about the adding the volume. The only way to add volume is by going through the surgery and adding volume after the valve is located by surgical exploration.The other issue is that you will not see much change in the size of your breast by adding 25-50 cc of additional saline. You have 350 cc implant and it can be filled to maximum 400 cc. I do not think your surgeon has filled them to 305 as you stated. You need to see your surgeon .

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Adding More Volume Yo My Saline Implant

Dear Mary111,  The Mentor Style 1600 implants are saline filled implants and do have a value system.  That being said, the type of value in this implant requires using a specialized fill-tube that cannot be placed using a needle through the skin.  I would suggest meeting again with your plastic surgeon to discuss what they are recommending before agreeing to proceed.  I agree with the other plastic surgeons who have responded to your question in that it appears there is some communication problems that need to addressed.  Good Luck.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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Add Saline to existing Breast Implant?

Thank you for the question.

There must be some miscommunication because Mentor style 1600 implants cannot be filled “through skin and muscle”. Adding volume to the implant will involve a surgical procedure,  locating the breast implant valve  and adding saline through a fill  tube.

You may want to clarify with your surgeon during your next visit.

Best wishes.

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