I'm on Accutane and haven't seen any improvements , is there anything I can do to help the process along?

I have been on acnetane for 5 weeks now but haven't seen any results yet. Im actually worried as the first time i went on the treatment my skin showed significant improvement in a month, the only difference with the first treatment is that i was on the pill. Right now I can't go on the pill as I have severe migraines which im on treatment for also.

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No improvements on Accutane

This medication works on an accumulative dosage, an usually the results start becoming visible between 4-8 weeks after initiation. Sometimes when the acne is so inflammatory and severe, steroids or NSAIDs must be also given, or if a skin infection is present (most commonly folliculitis) and antibiotic may be also added (except tetracyclines). If these are not the cases, then the dose of isotretinoin should be increased (30-60 mg per day). Don't increase the dose until you see your Dermatologist first. I'm sure after the second month on isotretinoin your skin will be much more better 

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No improvements on Accutane

You can make sure you are taking Accutane with the most caloric and fat meal that you eat daily. This ensures the best absorption rate for the medication. Accutane is a progressive medication meaning it will improve the more mg you take because it's based on getting a specific amount of the medication into your system over a time period. Just because you were on it once before does not mean it will go exactly the same. Stick with it.

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