A Hole in Incision at 5 Weeks Po Tt?

I woke up with a hole in my incision. Its freaking me out n giving me a lot more chills just thinking about hole. I hate it. I cant get my mind off . It drained yellow pus or something. It got bigger in evening than it was in morning.Nurse prescribed sdd 1% twice a day. I dont see how the skin will reconnect or seal the hole. How long does it take the hole to heal up? I m afraid its gonna be a lot bigger in am.

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Wound Separation 1 Month After Tummy Tuck

   Tiny wound separation is a fairly frequent occurrence.  As shocking as it may seem a small hole will heal from the inside out.  The wound will contract and will likely produce a most satisfactory scar.  Do not despair.

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Delayed wound healing after tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is designed to stretch your skin as tight as it possibly can be.  Sometimes, your skin can be stretched a little too tight and you can develop small areas that take longer to heal than the rest of the incision.  With the dressing changes your doctor has prescribed, this usually heals well but can take a few weeks.  Make sure you update your doctor frequently as to the appearance of the wound.  Good luck.

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A Hole in Incision at 5 Weeks Po Tt?

This is not an uncommon occurrence after TT. A photo would be helpful in trying to answer this.

Often at 5 weeks, this is a suture near the surface that works its way out. If the suture is still present, it should be removed--it would probably have been apparent to your surgeon at the last visit. 

In all likelihood this will resolve without any additional scarring. Do continue to follow with your surgeon until it is resolved. All the best. 


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You will be OK

It is very common to have little issues like that with abdominoplasty procedures.  As yucky as it may seem, it is going to be fine.  Make sure that you keep in touch with your doctor.  As much as it may seem to be the opposite of what you think...make sure that it stays open and allows that fluid to drain out...then it will heal and stayed healed. 

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Hole In Tummy Tuck Incision, See Your Surgeon Not Nurse

Thank you for your question. I am sorry that you're experiencing this difficulty.

A hole that develops in a tummy tuck incision at 5 weeks is usually a deep suture that is pushing through the skin called a suture spit. If this is what has happened it should heal over.

Is important that you be examined by the plastic surgeon who performed your tummy tuck. I would call the office and asked to see the physician so that you may be examined and appropriate management instituted.

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