Does a Strong TCA Peel Tighten the Skin at All?

Hello there! I'm 41 with very white thick skin (good tone, large pores though!). I do have nasolabial lines and very fine skin under my eyes (so I usually do Restylane). I'm looking for more or less a little "tightening" around those areas (nothing beats surgery, but I am not needing that just yet). I thought of a strong TCA peel as I've tried the Titan and Thermage (over 2 years ago) and felt for the price, they did OK. Erbium lasers I think are too weak, but would love some feedback as everyone here is excellent! Thanks everyone!

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Strong TCA?

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If you are 41 and have "very white thick skin...good tone" and have already had Titan and Thermage, you may well have maxed out what non-surgical treatments can do for you. Fillers are clearly the best for the nasolabial folds and nothing gets rid of fine wrinkles under the eyes or thickens the skin there to any dramatic degree without risk.

Strong TCA peels are a medically induced full face burn just as are laser resurfacings. Just like any burn they have some risk and I have seen patients come to me who basically didn't need one but had one anyway and had permanent scars under the eyelids.

Be grateful for your good skin, continue with sun avoidance and quality medical gradeskin care, Retin A, Botox and fillers etc and save surgery for a few more years from now.

TCA Peels do good for a little tightening and an overall refreshening to the face

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TCA Peels are greatly under-utilized since they do nice to tighten the skin and soften wrinkles and give that great refreshed look to the face. I recommend at least a yearly TCA peel for everyone. In your case the TCA peels should do well. A medium TCA runs $750-1500 for the face. You will still probably need fillers for the nasolabial areas but should be fine for the rest of the face.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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