Does Nose Huggie Really Slim the Nose Without Surgery?

I've been considering a nose job for a long while now but am a little apprehensive about going under the knife. I'm afraid that if I do get rhinoplasty my nose will end up looking "pinched" a la Latoya Jackson or Ashley Tisdale. After searching for surgery alternatives, I came across the Nose Huggie website. While the site is rather sketchy and the idea seems a bit unlikely, I'm wondering if the cartilage in the nose really can be reshaped gradually using pressure?


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Nose Huggie slimming the nose without surgery

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How about that riduculous gadget that promises you that by pumping your chin forward on it several times every day your sagging neck will be magically lifted and smoothed, the electric belts that shock s you constantly to build your tummy muscles, the famous "Thigh Master" etc etc.?

The Nose huggie is just another device in a long line of similar inventions...

Personally, I think although this device could always do a better job as a potato chip bag clip, you may come out ahead with a Home depot wrench which could double for other around the home jobs...(JUST JOKING. Do NOT try this at home).

Pick your Plastic surgeon carefully, make sure he/she understands your wishes and I seriously doubt you would pose a serious "threat"to any Ugly Nose contest winners.

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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