Liposuction for Double Chin Before Losing Weight?

Hello, I am considering having liposuction of my double chin. I've lost some weight (20 lbs) and I still have a little loose skin/fat under my chin. I am 44 years of age with good skin elasticy and the chin area is not overly fat or jowly.

I am considering having liposuction of my chin to get my jawline back. However, I am not sure if I should wait because I still need to lose another 10 pounds.

Will it make a difference to do it now with a 10 pound difference?

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Weight loss first

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I suggest you lose the weight first before having liposuction because it would be difficult to predict how weight loss would affect your results. In fact, you may not even need the liposuction after you lose the weight!

Liposuction Similar to Weight Loss

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The effect of liposuction is similar to that of weight loss.  If you are able to lose more weight after liposuction, you will look even better. The advantage of liposuction is that it helps to remove the hereditary fat pockets that you may have.  Simply losing weight with a double chin will likely leave you with a smaller double chin. Tightening of your skin with a platysmaplasty might also be necessary.

Liposuction under the chin

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There are a wide variety of answers that have been posted to your question and personally, I have never been disappointed with having performed liposuction under the chin.

I believe that the procedure is technically easier to perform when there is more fat present under the chin and would consider doing the procedure now. Even if you went on to lose more weight the area should improve even further. Of course, an in person exam of the area is required before a final opinion could be rendered.

Consider Liposuction when your weight is stable

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Personally, I would save my money.

You should consider plastic surgery when your weight is stable. Until then you may be having a procedure which may not be needed.

Hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dobule chin

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You may lose the double chin with further weight loss, if it is stil present after the weight loss, then  have a surgical procedure to correct it.

Liposuction of the neck

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Patients benefiting the most from liposuction under the chin are those that have fat in that area. If you hold the tissue under your chin between your fingers there should be fat there if you are feeling mostly skin you are unlikely to benefit from liposuction of the neck. I do not think 10 lbs weight loss should make a difference.

Sharon Theresa McLaughlin MD
Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Wait to liposuction until you have lost the weight

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I recommend that you wait to lose the weight before you do anything to your neck. The reason is that with the amount of weight that you have lost liposuction may not be the answer for you. You may need to have more of a neck lift procedure.

If you find after a 3 month period of time that you cannot lose the weight then go for the liposuctioning.

Liposuction of chin and neck.

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1) In general, it's fine to have cosmetic surgery if you are somewhat overweight. It does not affect the improvement in contour.

2) There are several anatomical reasons for a double chin, and excess fat is only one of the reasons. So you need a thorough exam to make sure that liposuction of the chin will help you.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction and weight loss

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Most patients will do well with liposuction if they are within 10-15% of their weight loss goal.  The only caveat is that we would not want the skin elasticity to change with the added loss of weight.  Most patients will do well, but ask your surgeon.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

This is a personal choice

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10 more pounds makes a huge difference in the face. If you did realized that type of weight loss, you might very well feel like you don't need neck liposuction. However, lower face and neck liposuction are relatively easy to recover from. The procedure can be done under local in an office procedure room.

Typically, people can have the procedure on a Thursday and be back at work on a Monday without anyone being aware that they have had a surgical procedures. The swelling associated with the treatment compensates initially for the loss of fat volume. As the swelling resolves, the improved facial contour becomes evident. People who know you will assume that you have just lost weight.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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