HSL to Dissolve the Fat Under the Eye?

Are you familiar with this procedure? How does it work? Thank you.

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The appearance of lower eyelid bags can be reduced with Injectable Fillers.

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If you're looking for a non-invasive way to decrease the appearance of your lower eyelid bags, then you could consider an Injectable Filler treatment. By placing filler in the lower eyelid groove that forms underneath the bulge, tha appearance of the bag is greatly reduced.

I've attached a photo demonstrating the microdroplet technique of Silikon-1000 to permanently eliminate the appearance of lower eyelid bags.

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Not a good Idea

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If you are referring to Hormone Sensitive Lipase,(HSL), don't do it. There are no peer review articles that I am aware of that show direct injection of HSL into a fatty pocket will dissolve fat. Even if this was the case, injecting it into the bags of the lower eyelid would be a very radical method of solving the problem. There would be no control of how much fat it would dissolve and hence may cause a hollowed out look to your eyes.

The best way of addressing this problem is with surgery. When I perform a lower lid blepharoplasty in almost never remove the fat. I preserve it and reposition it lower on the cheek. The advantages of this are:

  • It prevents a hollow eye lid as mentioned above.
  • It fills in the shadow or tear trough below the lid at the cheek lid junction.

You may see examples of lower lid fat transposition results at my website;


Leslie H. Stevens, MD
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