Appropriate Eye Protection for IPL?

What constitutes appropriate eye protection for IPL? I had my first IPL treatment a few days ago. I was given what looked like plastic "goggles" (two eye cups and a nose bar, like those used for outdoor sun tanning). Each time the IPL was "fired" I could see a very bright red flash, even though my eyes were closed and the goggles were in place. Is this normal? Is it safe? I already have poor vision, and I can't afford to have my eyesight damaged. Please advise.

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Eye Protection for IPL

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The IPL laser is very bright and thus, eye protection is very important. There are a variety of eye protection devices ranging from goggles (like those used in tanning salons), to special glasses that block the wavelength of the laser light, to stick pads that cover the eyes. With all of these devices, some light still gets to the eyes and each pulse of the laser seems very bright. However, as long as the eye protection that is used is appropriate for IPL, it is safe.

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You will be safe with this eye protection.

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It sounds like you have the standard goggle eye protection. It is important to make sure that the goggles are tight and that you continue to have your eyes closed. It is normal to see some flash of light, but there is no true risk of eye damage unless the flashes are close to the eye or are more direct.

Hope this helps!

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