Chemical Peel to Enhance Absorption of Bleaching Creams?

I am African American with uneven skin & want to drastically lighten my skin. I need to know what kind of Chemical Peel will encourage massive peeling which will allow enhanced penetration for the bleaching creams I have purchased.

I have already bought and used 30% and 40% glycolic peel and am considering trying 15-30% TCA Peel soon.

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Options for blotchy skin color in dark skin

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Multiple light chemical peels work best such as Jessner's solution ($175 per peel) or 10-15% TCA peels ($250 per peel) done every 2 weeks for 3-6 peels. Also, using a bleaching cream which has retin A in it and a cortisone cream as well do really nice. 

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chemical peels help even skin tone

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Yes - light or superficial chemical peels can not only help with even out skin tone, they can also help improve the penetration of any topical skin care products you are using to correct the skin tone. I agree with the other comments that care must be taken in dark skin not to irritate the skin too much as this can lead to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH. If you get any irritation or excessive peeling or dryness from a peel - keep area coated with vaseline or a thick moisturizer to help healing.

Chemical peel to enhance absorption of bleaching creams

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Yes, based on a most recent study, monthly superficial chemical peel can help with the efficacy of Triluma cream. The key word here is superficial, especially for dark-skinned people. I think among all the superficial peels, salycylic acid peel is the safest for dark skin types.

Isabel Zhu, MD, PhD
Boulder Dermatologist

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