Over 65 Days After Surgery I Get a Seroma - Could I Have Caused It by Heavy Lifting? (photo)

hi there - i had a tummy tuck, lipo and breast reduction and lift over 65 days ago and out of the blue a seroma has developed just above my tummy tuck inscision - is that odd? and could I have caused it by heavy lifting too soon? its the size of a small flat fist, tender but thats all - but is it normal so long after and could i have caused it? after reading various responses I understand the treatment and maybe i should start wearing my body garment again but i just dont want to aggravate it!

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Over 65 days after surgery I get a seroma. Could I have caused it by heavy lifting.

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It is rare that after 65 days you get a seroma after heavy lifting.   The seroma was probably there and you might have irritated something that was already making it bigger and most cases after this time it is 50/50 whether it heals by drainage. You may have to have the seroma and its capsule removed.

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Seroma after 65 days

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Its too late for a seroma to appear after 65 days.However weight lifting may cause tear of some of the muscle fibers leading to limited bleeding in that area which is still healing.

Seroma of abdomen

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It is a bit unusual for someone to develop a seroma 65 days after abdominoplasty, but it certainly could happen.

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