Could my Diastastis Recti Contribute to a Hiatal Hernia?

Pregnancy was very rough on my body. I have pretty severe diastastis recti, back problems and an umbilical hernia from pregnancy. I also have been struggling with other symptoms like asthma and sinusitis which could be from acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. I'm wondering if the diastastis recti and hiatal hernia could be related? Would insurance pay for a muscle repair if there is a coorelation?

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Diastasis recti and hiatal hernia are not inter-related. One can occur without the other and vice versa.

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Thank you for your question.


Diastasis recti and hiatal hernia are not inter-related. One can occur without the other and vice versa.


Insurance does not pay for tummy tuck.


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Diastasis Recti and Hiatal Hernia Are Unrelated Conditions

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Dear RJ83,


Diastasis Recti and Hiatal Hernia do not inter-relate. In other words, if you have one then it does not mean that you will have the other.


As per your description, it seems like the rough pregnancy you had helped induce both conditions. So the common link in your case could pretty much be a rough pregnancy.


Thank you for your inquiry.


The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Diastasis and hiatal hernia

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Both conditions can be sequelae of the pregnancy but are unrelated conditions. Insurance no longer considers the diastasis to be a covered procedure unless there is an incisional hernia.

Could my Diastastis Recti Contribute to a Hiatal Hernia?

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The diastasis recti and the hiatal hernia may both have been caused or worsened by the pregnancy, but they are not otherwise related and insurance does not cover the diastasis repair.  BUT repair of the diastasis could worsen your hiatal hernia symptoms, so do not get the diastasis repaired without also getting the hiatal hernia fixed.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Rectus diastais has any relation with hiatal herniae/ diastasis de rectus y hernia umbilical no guardan relacion con hernia hia

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it exsisits any relationship between rectus  diastasis and umbilical  herniae, with hiatal herniae, so perhaps it would apply to your insurance if you could  divide the problem and solve whar is covered.

no exsiste relacion alguna entre la diastasis de rectos y la hernia umbilical con la hernia  hiatal, asi es que si tu divides el problema  quiza  te pueda cubrir al menos un problema completamente

Ramon Navarro, MD
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These two areas are different entities  diastasis is in muscle layer outside of bowel cavity and hiatal hernia is in esophagus stomach junction inside the cavity.  Most insurances do not cover diastasis

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Rectus diastasis

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Rectus diastasis is a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles in the middle.  A  hiatal hernia is weakness in you diaphragm which is located deep inside your abdomen.  As you may imagine from the location of these two different structures, the rectus diastasis does not have a direct impact on the hiatal hernia.  It is theoretically possible that your pregnancy worsened both issues.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta 

Remus Repta, MD
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