Will 400cc's Make an A Cup into a C Cup?

Measurements Around Breast Are 35 Height 5'4 Weight 145

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A to C cup

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I would have to examine you to give you an answer, but in my experience of 25 years, a true A cup preop will become a C minus to C cup postop with about 325-350cc and a c plus cup with about 375-400 cc, depending on how much breast tissue you have to start.  the 400's start getting into the D range.  Hope this helps.

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Implants, breast augmentation and cup size

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implants and cup size

its important to know your current bra size .. if you are 35 inches around under your breast  you should be in a 34 or 36 inch bra.  the volume of the implant will change with the diameter which affects the volume of the implant.

typical a-c in a 36   is 375 cc

                 in a 34   about 325-350 cc

over 400 will make you a d in 36   and dd in a 34

How many cc's to a cup size

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Unfortunately, without examining you, it would be impossible to assess your bra size. Furthermore, despite estimations, there is no set volume given for each cup size as bra manufacturers vary in their determination of cup sizes. An estimation that I use in my practice is that for every cup size increase, an additional 150 cc is needed. I recommend seeking a formal consultation with an ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and desires to determine the correct implants and surgery you will need


Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Will 400cc's make an A cup into a C cup

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It's reasonable to assume from your measurements that you would achieve a C cup with a 400cc implant.  Even with a photo, it would be difficult to predict but it would help.  Go in for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and try on implants, that is really the best way.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Cup size relative to implant volume

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A 400 cc implant will most likely put you into the large C cup range.  Any larger and you will most likely be into a D cup, although it depends on how much of your own breast tissue you have ahead of time.  It sounds like a reasonable size given your measurements.

Breast augmentation, cup size, and Crisalix 3-D breast imaging

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I always say that Victoria's secret C is different than a Nordstrom C.  This means that there is a huge variation in cup size from different bra makers.  But roughly speaking, it is possible that 400 cc's make take you up two "cup" sizes.  I agree that Crisalix, the 3-D preop breast imaging can be very nice to help a patient visualize what she make look like with a 400cc implant.  You can try on different sizes with the computer program and it is just fun so see how you might look.  But I think a formal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and sizing done in the office gives the most satisfied patient. 

Good luck on your journey with your plastic surgeon!

Cup size

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Dear Cocoanddaisy:     The answer is it depends.  Back size and preexisting breast tissue make a difference. A 32A is different that a 38A. I suggest using a measuring system like Body Logic from Mentor in combination with 3-D imaging like Cristalix. Both programs are accessible online. Once you have the look you want then visit a board certified plastic surgeon and try on some sizers. I like the VSS system from Mentor. This should give you good information. Most importantly be confident and comfortable with your surgeon. Hope this helps!

External sizers

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are very accurate in predicting what size and look you will have.  Ask your about them.

400cc implant and cup size

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If your chest circumference is 35 inches then you most likely have a broad based breast.  If this is the case then for every 200 cc of implant volume you should go up about one cup size. I hope this helps with your decision making process.  It is only an estimate.  

Cup size

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Hi Cocoanddaisy, I like to say that cup size in breasts are much like shoe sizes. it the way the breast implant shapes and fills out the breast not the cup size change. Implants require the the cup size of the bra to be bigger than what is their apparent visual size. How much an implant increases the cup size depends on the original size of the breast; a 32 "A" is a very much smaller breast than a 38 "A" so a 400 cc implant is going to increase the cup size much more than the same implant in the larger breast. What is more important is the proportion and dimensions of the breast, the visual weighting of the breast compared with the body. As far as your question, I would expect a 35A breast size to be more than a C cup with a 400 to 450 implant. I enthusiastically recommend that you see a plastic surgeon with a Vecrta 3D system to see your virtual results and not dwell on cup size change but dimensional change and the visual balance that you want with your breasts given your body type and aesthetic goals.  

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