Is a 275cc Butt Implant Too Big?

Im 31 yrs old and recently got a consultaion for a butt implant. Im 5'4, 115 lbs, workout 5 days a week-toned body type, small frame.I have booty but gravity is starting to kick in and I want a bit of a dramatic look, NOT Kim K. or J.Lo dramatic,more of a higher, firmer look. The Dr. 1st told me 275cc would be too much for my body type but after more details she said that the 275cc would look good. Do you think the 275cc would be MUCH to much? I want it obvious but not freaky? pls advise!Tnx.

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Butt implants size

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Dear S.A.B.,

  Thanks for submitting your picture. After performing hundreds of butt augmentation with implants, I can tell you that 275cc implants are on the small side. I would recommend to you, for a moderate enlargement, 375cc or 430cc.. The implants should be oval , placed under the muscle fascia and go from the posterior iliac spine to above the gluteal crease. That will give you a noticable and natural looking enlargement that will not be excessive. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that you trust, who performed lots of butt implants and you like his or hers results.

              Best of luck,

                                  Dr Widder

What Butt Implant is Best for Me?

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Deciding on the proper implant size and shape can be difficult for patients just as it is when women are deciding on the proper breast implant size.

First of all there is no one perfect implant for every person. The ideal implant depends on the aesthetic goals that each person is trying to achieve from their augmentation. Typically I will take measurements of the buttock and determine what implants will fit your buttock. There are a range of butt implants and profiles (just like breast implants, though not as many).

The implants are a solid silicone implant that comes in round and shaped styles. The round implants are the most common in the U.S. and in my practice. The implants will help shape your butt and hips to give it the projection and round figure that patient hope to achieve. Butt Implants are typically larger then breast implants, as peoples butts are typically larger than their breasts. In my practice the average butt implant range from 400 to 600cc. Please keep in mind that you cannot compare fat transfer and butt implants in terms of volume. Butt implants will give you much more projection and volume per cc than fat will do for your augmentation.

A couple things patients can do is one; have an open discussion with your surgeon about your aesthetic goals. Second is bringing in pictures that have the look that you are trying to achieve, as this will help your surgeon.

Once I know what you are looking for in terms of appearance and what you body can accommodate then we I will give you some implants to choose from and help guide you as to what is best for your aesthetic goals.

Discuss your butt augmentation procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentations.

Is 275cc butt implant too big

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Hello, it is important to choose for your frame that is safe to put in. Yes larger volumes will give a more dramatic change but with added stress on the tissue depending on how much tissue and space your frame can handle. This is a nice discussion to have with your plastic surgeon. Thanks for you question.

Rikesh T. Parikh, MD
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

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What Size Butt Implant Should I Get?

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Hi and great question!  I appreciate your time looking into the procedure.

I don't think there is a universal "correct" implant size for a single person.  The “correct” implant size for a person can change dependent on their goals. There are 3 main factors:
  1. The patients individual goal and look they are trying to achieve. There are different sizes and shapes to the implant and this is specifically based on what shape and/or size of implant you want.
  2. The dimension of your butt. Measurements will be taken of your butt, and we have to make sure that we select a group of implants that fit your measurements.
  3. Are we changing your frame/shape with liposuction and/or fat grafting. If we are doing that, it can also influence the size and or dimensions of the implant we can use. It is extremely important to not interchange the volume of fat (in cc) with the volume of silicone (in cc) because silicone will give a significantly higher lift and projection per cc than fat will. Thus, smaller volume of silicone butt implants will still give significant and noticeable results.
Just like with breast implants (ie the rice test/rice bags) you can place rice bags or implant sizers within tight pants or underwear to give you and idea of what that volume will look like on you.
I encourage you to speak with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Explain to him/her your goals and desires so that the two of you can select a range of implants to meet your goals.  


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Hello, for give you a nice shape the ideal would be beetween 250 to 350cc, the most important is that we covered the muscle via intragluteal, if you want a look notorious but not so freaky i personally based on my experience and long practice would put on you 300cc.

Eugenio Lapaix Vargas, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Buttock Implant Size is what will fit securely into the pocket

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Since most buttock implants are placed in the submuscular (intragluteal) position, the implant must fit into that pocket. With your small body frame and size, I would say that 275cc is about the most that will likely fit securely into your gluteal muscular space. (making sure to get complete muscular coverage and closure over the implant) It will also likely get you a noticeable buttock size change without being too big. The implant can also be trimmed down during surgery if it looks too big.

But implants

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The picture you posted is not ideal, but I would make the decision based on your measurements. You seem to have large chest, what is the waist/ and the hip circumference. Then what are the measurement of your buttocks. Based on these measurement you choose the implant size and shape.

You also seem yo have a little fat in the flanks above the buttock, removing that fat will round you buttock then use that fat and any fat you can get from stomach inner, outer thighs and inject to the buttock. these steps will enhance your butt sime. If you still need moore, either gain some weight or use proper size implant in the buttock. Preferably at your age a submuscular implant.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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