Why Don't More Plastic Surgeons Do Butt Augmentations?

Is it because it's unsafe?  I've been thinking about getting a butt augmentation [via implants] but noticed there are NOT a lot of practicing physicians who do it. I am 23, 5'8", 130 pounds from the NJ area. I don't have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Is there any reason why there is not a lot of surgeons who practice this? Is it because it's not safe or not recommended? The only physician I really found who is a proponent of it IMPLANTS is Mendiata and he's, from what I'm hearing, charging a small fortune.

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Brazilian butt lift is the preferred butt augmentation surgery.

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The reason that butt implants are not as popular as Brazilian butt lift is because there is a high complication rate no matter how experienced the surgeon may be.  Since you sit on the implant, it is causing stress and the implant may shift in the pocket.  If you have enough fat, you should really think about Brazilian butt lift.

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Why most Plastic Surgeons don't perform Butt Implant surgery......

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The procedure of Buttocks Augmentation via Implants has never gotten very popular because of the high complication rate. Some surgeons have more success than others, but some report having to remove 20-30% of butt implants due to problems. Some surgeons report a much smaller number. But when a procedure is reported to have such a high complication rate, not many of us want to do it. Most procedures have a complication rate of less than 5% and many less than 1%. This includes the Brazilian Butt Lift which has a complication rate of about 1%. But, unfortunately, you don't sound like a good candidate for that procedure.

Problems, problems, problems

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Most qualified "real" plastic surgens shy away from this surgery because it is full of problems. You sit all the time and put stresses on these implants. They can shift and there are large nerves near them. Pad your pants.

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