Why Don't I Look Flat 25 Days Post-Op?

25 Dpo I look fat I'm not flat like I was the first day I haven't hurt the muscles don't feel like they are tight i lost 25lbs before surgery he said he lipo 930 grams which is not much I had 2 small bruises that is am I being parnoid or is this normal I do have infection in my incision it came open in 2 spots am I supose to be dieting to get the flat I wanted? I had ba I got gummy bear I went from 36c that sagged and not full to a 38D they r bigger but they still sag is all this normal

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Swelling 25 days post-op

It sounds like what you are experiencing with your abdomen swelling is normal.  It takes the body time to re-route all the fluid, but it will.  You have to be patient with the healing process, which takes up to 12 months.  It sounds like you may have needed a lifting procedure along with your breast implants.  Hopefully, your plastic surgeon placed your implants under the muscle so that the weight of the implant against your skin does not cause more sagging over time.

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Not flat after tummy tuck and liposuction

Four weeks after surgery is still early to expect all swelling to be gone.  Swelling after a tummy tuck and liposuction can be quite significant sometimes.  Regarding your breasts, a breast augmentation will never significantly correct sagging breasts.  They will only make larger saggy breasts. 

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Why Don't I Look Flat 25 Days Post-Op?

    Swelling after tummy tuck and liposuction is the norm and will still be apparent at 25 days.  If you had an infection, this will set you back an additional period of time for the swelling to resolve.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Swelling after Tummy Tuck and Anxiety.

Do  not be anxious, be patient.  Swelling after tummy tuck takes one year by the books.  In reality, by 6 months you will be 85% flat.  It just takes time for the little lymphatics to reconnect and all the fluid to dissipate.  You can help greatly by keeping your salt intake to 1500 or less daily.  Look up Sodium Chloride low salt diets on the internet.     Be sure you do not gain weight.  Fine the total removed and know your day of surgery weight.  You must reflect your weight removed when you step on the scale.   As far as the implant is concerned I have two thoughts.  First if breast sag before and implant, they will sag after an implant.   Second, I am not a fan of the gummy bear because of extra expense with no extra production.   My opinion and some will disagree.   My Best,  Dr C

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Recovery after tummy tuck

Hi ShellyC

Recovery after a tummy tuck is very individual and can take a lot of time in some cases. I'm assuming that you've had a full abdominoplasty with stitching of the tummy muscles back together. At 25 days post op, you may still be carrying some extra fluid from the operation, and carrying a bit of extra weight due to the recovery and lack of exercise you can do at this stage.

If you have had liposuction only, the tummy muscles will not tighten.

Small bruises at the 25 day mark is reasonable, and not a marker of underlying infection. But the fact that your incision came open in two spots will have increases your chances of a late infection.

Assuming that your surgeon has done a good job, you will see the results in a few weeks to a few months after you resume exercise. You will still need to keep on a healthy diet or else your surgery will be overshadowed by calorie excess.

If your breasts still sag after augmentation, it is likely that you needed a lift as well. It is a little difficult to comment accurately without photos.


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