I'm 25 and I've Tried to Ignore This but I Need a Face Lift Its Killing Me, I Dont Have BDD.

I posted on another post about this a while back and some doctors thought maybe I was unhealthy so being desperate I got into good shape and now I am 20 pounds lighter and my face is saggy still of course. I wanna do so many things with my life but every time I see a mirror I wanna just go away. I am only 25 and I am soo sick of women my own age calling me "sir" or just people in society treating me like I'm 40 and really its not ever about what age people think I am its about this saggy skin.

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Facelift at 25???

A facelift at 25 years of age is rarely the answer.  Providing support, by either fillers and/or facial implants, can provide a better scaffolding for the skin of your face to drape over.  In many male cases, a chin implant, and sometimes mandibular implant can provide a stronger male jawline, allowing less perceived sagging.  Facial fillers and sometimes facial implants, can help balance the face when skeletal structure needs a boost.

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A Safe Way to Approach Facial Sagging in a 25 Year Old Thinking About a Facelift

At 25 you don't need a facelift, you need volume. An easy, relatively safe, and non-permanent ( this way if the results don't do what you had hoped for, you haven't burned any bridges) way to start would be with injectable fillers. By adding volume to your cheeks, it would give you a more traditionally youthful contour to your face while helping alleviate some of the sagging that seems to bother you so much. If you like the results of the fillers, then you could talk about some more permanent ways to achieve the same results. If you don't like the results then you probably would also not like the results of a facelift, and you have avoided a surgery that you didn't need. Might be a good place to start. Since you are not the typical person looking for injectable fillers, make sure you find someone with a lot of experience and an artistic eye. Good luck.

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