Urinal infection before surgery (bbl)?

I going to have a bbl in October 20. What happend If Now i have a urinal infection ?

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UTI before BBL

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UTI before BBL, great question!

For the best outcome in the least amount of complications you want to have no signs of infection in your body  before surgery.  Especially, when you're going to have tissue or a synthetic material transplanted from one location of your body to the other.   Infected cells and their  inflammatory effects can cause your immune system to react to other not infected areas with additional inflammation.    Excess inflammation can cause your body to heal at slower rate and have a less than desired result for your BBL.  

You have enough time to see your primary care or another physician to receive anabiotic therapy in order to remove the inflammation  and infection from your urinary tract system.  Large amounts of cranberry juice will also alter the pH of your urine and assist in clearing the infection.  After you initiate therapy, it will take three or four days for a normal lab urinalysis to be reported. 

I wish you well through your operation and recovery process,
James McAdoo DO FACOS 

  •  AOA dual board certified general and plastic reconstructive surgeon 
  • Microsurgery fellowship trained 
  • 20 years experience 
  • 30,000 operative cases 
  • 10,000 BBLs  


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Thank you for your question. There should be no signs of any infection prior to cosmetic surgery . If you have a urinary tract infection you should contact you primary physician immediately to get treatment . Also let your plastic surgeon know that you had an infection and are getting treatment . An active infection can lead to complications during cosmetic surgery.

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
Allentown Plastic Surgeon


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An active infection at the time of surgery would be problematic, and most surgeons would cancel a procedure if a patient had symptoms or signs of infection on the day of surgery.  Fortunately, you have time!  Most urinary tract infections are managed simply with oral antibiotics and respond in a matter of days.  Contact your primary care doctor for assessment and management.  If a UTI is confirmed, and you get proper antibiotic therapy, the matter should not influence your surgery in October.  Best of luck!

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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