Can Forehead Lipoma Be Removed Without Cosmestic Surgery?

1.5"  Diameter Lipoma Center Forehead. 

Dermatologist sent me to Plastic Surgeon who says I need to have head shaved and an insertion made in hairline to remove lipoma. Another Dermatologist told me to have the tissue liposuctioned. Thanks. Dan

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Forehead lipoma

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Forehead lipomas can be removed in several ways. The traditional technique is to place an incision directly over the lipoma. This obviously leaves a visible scar on the forehead. The second technique is to place an incision right at the hairline or immediately behind it to create access. This open procedure results in a fairly long incision and at least temporary numbness behind the incision. This is the same type of incision that we use for browlift procedures. The least invasive and most modern technique is endoscopic removal. With this technique, small incision are made behind the hairline and endoscopic instruments are used to remove the fatty tumors. Usually two separate 2 cm incisions are made about 1 cm behind the hairline. The procedure and recovery are nearly painless.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can Forehead Lipoma Be Removed Without Cosmestic Surgery?

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As young surgeons we are taught to first diagnose and then select a treatment. Although your assumption that this is a fatty benign tumor (lipoma) is probably correct, it COULD also be another tumor such as a sebaceous or an inclusion cyst or in rare cases something rarer or even a malignancy. The ONLY way to precisely tell what this is is to have a representative piece examined microscopically by a pathologist. This would require removal or a biopsy.

If we play the odds that it is a benign tumor and want the forehead flattened, the mass must be removed. It cannot be flattened nonsurgically. The question then becomes how to best do so. If you are not accepting of a scar hidden in your horizontal wrinkle lines which would allow complete removal of the mass, then the only solution is to place a tiny incision in the hairline and liposuction this out. I have done this with great results but I always warn my patients that the mass may come back and that IF the pathology comes back as cancer, we have significantly complicated matters by removing it from a distant incision. This has not turned to be the case.

Good Luck.

Peter a Aldea, MD
Memphis, Tennessee

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Different forehead lipoma excision techniques

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Hello Paco, 
Thank you for your question. Lipomas of the forehead are fairly common. The most simple way of removal requires an incision over the lipoma. This unfortunately can leave a scar and depending on the location can leave the forehead numb for some time. I typically perform these types of cases using small incisions behind the hairline allowing me to remove the lipoma endoscopically. I do not shave any hair for the procedure. This allows all incisions to be hidden behind the hairline and oftentimes there is no numbness after the procedure. 

Jordan Rihani, MD
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Forehead Lipoma?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Direct excision of the lipoma  with a transverse incision above the lesion is a relatively straightforward procedure. I would agree that it is your best interests to have it directly excised  as opposed to having liposuctioning performed.

Best wishes.

Forehead Lipoma treatment

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This is a slam dunk for you and a qualified plastic surgeon. These  are usually deep to the muscle and may leave you much more bruised if you attempt liposuction. Secondly liposuction removal is less accurate and does not give us the assurance that all has been removed. Lastly, a small scar can easily be hidden in your transverse brow natural lines that make  the scar much less noticeable. Your recovery will be quick.

Charles Virden, MD
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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Facial Lipoma Removal

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Lipomas are typically removed with surgery, to ensure complete removal and to allow the tissue to be sent to the pathology laboratory for testing. Facial plastic surgeons can help remove lipomas with small or hidden incisions that usually heal well. Liposuction is generally not recommended for lipomas. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a specialist help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Houtan Chaboki, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Forehead lipoma

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it can be removed directly with an incision over the lipoma by any surgeon.

you will just a have a faint scar on your forehead.

if you want it removed via the scalp without the forehead scar you will probably need a plastic surgeon

you dont have to shave though. i do this all the time without shaving.

if done with an incision directly over lipoma on forehead it takes me 10 minutes under local anesthesia in the office to do it.

the no scar way takes a bit longer and needs to be done in the o.r.


liposuction dont do. it wont work.



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